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Diesel Truck Repair: Manual or automatic transmissions?

How to maintain through frequent truck repair and servicing

Diesel truck transmissions can vary from model to model with either manual or automatic options. More companies are choosing automatic transmission for their drivers but what exactly does this involve? Because of their complexity and increased number of moving parts, automatic transmissions often require more labour, as opposed to manual transmissions which are much simpler in design. For this reason, it is essential to ensure a trusted and reliable diesel truck repair provider is at hand.

Here are a few tips to maintain diesel truck that use automatic transmissions:

  • Regularly check the oil

In order to keep the engine running smoothly, regular oil checks are essential. As a general rule of thumb, an oil change should occur every 8000 kilometres or so. This may vary depending on distance travelled and truck use. For example, engines experiencing harder driving and towing may need an oil change before the 8,000 kilometres mark.

  • Periodically check and clean the engine

Things like lingering dirt and grime can compromise your engines cleanliness. The performance of the vehicle and road life can both be affected when dirt remains and builds up.  Be sure to give the engine a regular clean out to avoid any of these unnecessary formations. In addition, the fuel also needs to be clean. Clean diesel fuel is necessary for making the most of fuel economy as well as achieving maximum performance rates. Sometimes keeping an engine clean can be tedious, but it will save you thousands of dollars in truck repairs. The more often you clean and maintain the engine, the longer it will last.

  • Modify your shifting techniques

In few instances, problems may be the result of incorrect or excessive shifting techniques. This problem can be reduced with experience and technique modification. In addition, if you fail to shift to the correct gear, or are prone to grinding the gears, it could lead to costly repairs. Be sure to manoeuvre gears smoothly to avoid any damage to the transmission.

  • Service the diesel truck frequently

Servicing your diesel truck regularly will prolong life and enhance the performance of your truck. Constant use of the vehicle without proper maintenance can be hazardous. Regular diesel truck maintenance isn’t hard, particularly with Electroworx 24/7 auto electrical mobile truck repairs service. The importance of regularly servicing will also save on spending the big bucks in the case a big problem does occur.

To find out more about diesel truck repair or frequent service, contact the team at Electroworx – servicing Sydney metropolitan with professionalism, efficiency and the highest quality of care.

15 November 2018 - Author: Electroworx Automotive


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