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    Service your truck anytime, anywhere with 24/7 emergency auto service

    When it comes to servicing your truck, it’s important you entrust it to experts who will delicately service it with high attention to detail but also not leave you without a truck for long.

    At Electroworx we have been servicing clients all across Sydney for over a decade, providing the highest level of quality auto electrical repairs for trucks and heavy vehicles for most makes and models.

    We understand the urgency of tending to trucks so that they are back on the roads in no time, to complete required jobs. Electroworx has a 24/7 emergency auto service which means if you find yourself broken down, we will bring our expertise and get you back on the roads in minimal time. We’ll save you time and hassle of visiting a workshop by coming straight to you with the most effective services to minimise any unexpected expenses.

    If you think your truck needs auto electrical servicing here are some signs to look out for:

    1. Unusual growling noises – if you start to hear any growling or unusual noises when driving that is a red light. The sound may be caused by an issue with the alternator belt so it’s important to call us right away to avoid further damage.
    2. Dim or flashing headlights – this issue could be caused by the voltage regulator but is an easy fix for our team of experts.
    3. Dysfunctional electronics – the issue can be simple fix or a little more complex, however nothing too difficult that our team can’t fix.
    4. Truck doesn’t start when the key is in the ignition – this could mean there is a problem with something called a solenoid. It is a coil of wire around two magnets that gives off power from the battery to the starter motor.
    5. Odd smell of burning rubber – this can be the result of a problem with your alternator.

    Be sure to keep an eye out for these problems and you might be able to catch them before they leave you stranded somewhere. However, if you somehow do find yourself broken down our 24/7 emergency auto service will have you located and back on the road swiftly with up front and honest pricing. At Electroworx we understand the importance of trucks when delivering goods and services, which is why our team is dedicated to assisting you 24 hours a day!

    If you’re ever in need of auto electrics for your truck, call our 24/7 rapid response line on 1300 824 692 and one of our friendly experts will be on their way.


    1300 824 692