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    Trailer Service: Maintenance and Repair

    In the trucking industry, roadside breakdowns can be a major setback. That’s why finding reliable and convenient mobile repair services for your heavy-duty trucks and trailers is crucial. Whether you need mobile truck repair, trailer repair, tyre service or reefer repair, our team at Electroworx has got you covered.

    Trailers are the unsung heroes of transportation, bearing the weight of goods and equipment across long distances. Yet, the trailer’s reliability hinges on precise maintenance. Whether you’re a seasoned haulier or a novice trailer owner, understanding how maintenance works can spell the difference between smooth travels and unexpected setbacks.

    In a world where time is precious and safety paramount, a well-maintained trailer isn’t just a convenience—it’s a necessity. Neglecting routine maintenance not only jeopardises the integrity of your trailer but also poses risks to yourself and other road users.

    When your trailer’s suspension is off, it can cause drag and decrease your vehicle’s fuel economy, both of which can negatively impact productivity and profitability.

    The good news is that we are here to help. When you come to us for trailer suspension maintenance and repair, you can trust you’ll receive top-notch service from highly trained technicians who care about doing the job right the first time.

    What does a trailer service include?

    Generally, a trailer service will include checking brakes, bearings, suspension, coupling, wheels, lights, wiring, plugs, welds and the chassis. Our full safety check and service will ensure your trailer is safe and isn’t putting yourself or others at risk when you are towing.

    Keeping Your Trailer in Top Shape

    Trailers are essential for many Australians, used for everything from hauling supplies for work to enjoying camping adventures. Whether you own a basic box trailer or a complex hydraulic tipper, proper maintenance is crucial for safety and getting the most out of your investment. This guide outlines the key maintenance checks to keep your trailer in top condition.

    • Know Your Trailer: Before starting any maintenance, refer to your trailer’s user manual. Different brands may have specific recommendations, so following the manufacturer’s instructions is essential.
    • Routine Inspections: Develop a habit of thoroughly inspecting your trailer before each use. Look for any obvious damage, check the tyre pressure and tread depth (including the spare!), and ensure all lights are functioning properly.
    • Tyre Care: Soft or unevenly worn tyres are a safety hazard. Regularly check the pressure according to the manufacturer’s recommended PSI (pounds per square inch) and inspect for bulges or cuts. Rotate tyres as per the manual, and always carry a spare. A flat tyre on the road can be a major inconvenience.
    • Brakes: The brakes are vital for safe stopping. Inspect the brake pads and drums for wear, and top up the brake fluid if necessary. Bleeding the brakes (removing air from the brake lines) might be best left to a mechanic, but you can easily check the fluid levels yourself.
    • Lights: Ensure all trailer lights are working correctly, including taillights, brake lights, and indicators. Faulty electrical systems can lead to fines, so check the connections and repair any damaged wires promptly.
    • Hitch Check: The hitch securely connects your trailer to your car or ute. Inspect it for any signs of wear, damage, or misalignment. Proper lubrication of the hitch ensures smooth operation and helps prevent accidents.
    • Lubrication: Just like your car needs regular lubrication, so does your trailer. Regularly apply grease to axles, bearings, and hinges to keep things moving smoothly and minimise wear and tear.
    • Maintain Records: Keep a logbook of your trailer’s maintenance history. Note down service dates, repairs, and part replacements. This record-keeping will be helpful for future troubleshooting and can increase the resale value of your trailer.
    • Professional Servicing: Depending on how frequently you use your trailer, consider getting it professionally serviced every six months to a year. A mechanic can give it a thorough inspection and ensure everything is running smoothly.

    By following these tips, you can keep your trailer in excellent condition for years to come. Remember, a well-maintained trailer is a safe trailer, so hit the road with confidence and explore all that Australia has to offer!

    How Often Should I Get My Trailer or Truck Checked By A Professional?

    • At six-month intervals, inspect and service the following areas on your trailer: electric brakes (magnet), electric brakes (controller in tow vehicle), check power output (amperage) and modulation, tyres, surge brakes, brake shoes and drums, safety chains and hooks, coupler and hitch ball, ring and pintle, and wheel bearings.
    • Every year, be sure to check the following areas on your trailer: brake shoes and drums (all types), jack, drop-leg (if equipped), structure frame members, structure welds, wheel bearings, wheel rims, axle attachment bolts, and brake wiring.

    A properly maintained trailer will serve you well for many years and make for a safer haul each time you tow it. 

    Whether you need basic suspension service or something a little more complex, our team will go the extra mile to ensure your vehicle is operating safely so you can get back on the road with confidence. Keep your trailers running smoothly and efficiently with the top trailer suspension repair services in the industry. Our expert technicians are standing by around the clock 365 days a year and are ready to serve you in the shop or on the road. In other words, we’ve got you covered 100%.

    If there is a problem with the trailer, you can contact them for your air brakes, lines, hoses, fittings, landing legs, liftgates, roof repairs, stuck tandems and having trailer doors rehung. Contact us now!


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