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    3 Reasons to Call an Auto Electrician in Sydney for Your Car

    What is an auto electrician? 

    An auto electrician appraises vehicles and uses diagnostic testing equipment to identify faults; they also specialise in installing and repairing any electrical components needed in any vehicle necessary. The auto electricians here at Electroworx specialise in being able to address any electrical faults in cars as well as being able to install any electrical accessories and components required.

    But how do you know when it’s appropriate to call a car electrician in Sydney for your car? We’ve got you covered.

    3 reasons to call Electroworx for your mobile car issues

    Electrical components:

    Found in every vehicle and being one of the most essential functions in helping a car operate is the electrical system which is made up of the starter, alternator and battery, 3 very predominant components.

    • Starter: 

    In a car, the starter is responsible for starting the engine when the ignition switch is turned on. Although the battery provides the necessary power, it cannot start the engine without the support of the starter, so it needs to rely on its functionality to start the engine.

    • Alternator: 

    The alternator is considered to be a car’s electrical charger, providing charge to electrical loads including the battery to help keep the vehicle running. Noticing problems such as a poor alternator, substandard light operation, defective batteries and recurring warning signals on your dashboard could indicate faults and problems with the alternator of your car. Ensuring you uphold frequent checkups on your electrical system ensures that the alternator in your car is receiving the adequate current and voltage it requires to function smoothly.

    • Battery: 

    The battery in a car is in charge of supplying power to all fundamental electrical components including the starter, ignition and fuel system. It is also necessary for delivering additional power to the electrical load when the alternator surpasses its supply.

    Other electrical components include power windows, headlights, exterior lights, windshield wipers, etc. If any defects or issues were to occur in any aspect of an electrical component, it could result in your car either having a breakdown or no longer starting. All components in an electrical system are codependent, therefore when one part is affected, other parts of the system will also be affected. That’s where Electroworx’s auto electricians come in handy with our expertise to resolve any electrical issues with your car’s components.

    Air conditioning: 

    The air conditioning in your car will require maintenance regardless of the model of your car. There are a few things to look out for in order to know when your air conditioning system requires the attention of a car electrician.

    Some obvious signs to look out for include either refusing to cool or even refusing to turn on. However, some of the least obvious signs to look out for include leaking inside of your car, unusual noises, inconsistent cooling, ad odour and high humidity in your car.

    If you’re experiencing any of these factors in your car, although they may not seem to be significant issues, neglecting to take precautions and uphold maintenance can result in further and more serious damage. Our auto electricians at Earthworx are highly experienced in this field and specialise in all areas surrounding auto air conditioning repair. We’re able to perform a diagnosis of the vehicle air condition to locate the fault, identify possible leaks within the air conditioning system, air-condition re-gas for all vehicles, repairs and services on air conditioning systems and many more services depending on the issue.

    Engine warning lights:

    Another reason to call an auto electrician in Sydney is in the case of engine warning lights flashing on your car’s dashboard. Almost all cars, specifically modern ones, are equipped with modern technological systems that allow you to be made aware of any issues in your car that require the attentiveness of an auto electrician.

    If the warning lights on your car’s dashboard are flashing, it means your car requires immediate attention. However, if the lights are on but not yet flashing, it is always best to get it checked regardless to prevent any further damage or future problems.

    With Electroworx Automotive, regardless of the root of the issue, we are here to assist you. Through the work we do, we can assure quality service, quick response times, highly experienced professionals as well as 24-hour assistance.


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