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Auto Electrical Repairs


Electrical Repairs

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Automobile Electrical Repairs

From batteries to technical difficulties, we provide the full scope of electrical work for vehicles of any make and model. Through undergoing a detailed vehicle diagnosis, our professionals are experienced in addressing any electrical mishaps for both interior and exterior functions.
With guaranteed service and competitive pricing, we offer a mobile service that best suits you. Our trusted mechanics are passionate about all things auto, and with years of experience, our service guarantees a solution to any auto issue. Whether it’s an internal malfunction such as air conditioning not working, or a rare inconvenience such as window getting stuck in the door, we are confident in approaching issues of any nature.

Electroworx specializes in:

Our technicians are able to address any electrical fault including, but not limited to:

  • ABS Light is on
  • AC is not working
  • Air Bag Light is on
  • Air is not coming out of vents
  • Battery draining over night
  • Battery Light is on
  • Blinker not working
  • Brake Warning Light is on
  • Brake light is not working
  • Car does not shift from park to drive
  • Car is not starting
  • Car is overheating
  • Car stays running when I shut the key off
  • Check Engine Light is on
  • Clicking noise when trying to start the car
  • Door does not lock or open
  • Fan speed control is not working
  • Headlight is not working
  • Headlights do not change from low to high beam
  • Heater is not working
  • High beam is not working
  • Horn does not blow
  • Indicator not working
  • Power Mirror is not working
  • Power Outlet is not working
  • Power Seat is not working
  • Traction Control Light is on
  • Trunk does not lock or open
  • Turn signal light is not working
  • Warning Light is on
  • Window Switch is not working
  • Window fell inside the door
  • Window is moving up or down very slowly
  • Window is not going up or down
  • Window is not working
  • Windshield fogs up
  • Wipers are not working
  • Wipers do not shut off


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