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    3 signs of a Failing Air-Conditioning Compressor

    As the summer weather begins to approach, a functioning air conditioning is crucial in any vehicle. Ensuring to take good care of your air conditioner and maintaining regular check-ups means it is less likely to break down and damage. Without regular maintenance, your air conditioning is prone to wear out, underperform and last for a short period of time.

    However, in some cases, regardless of whether or not your vehicle has received regular maintenance or is being adequately serviced and looked after, an air conditioning system can eventually experience certain issues that will hinder its performance. That’s why it is crucial that you look out for early signs to help indicate a failure in the air conditioning compressor in order to prevent needing major repairs or even, a whole new air conditioning system.

    At Electroworx, our team specialises in auto air conditioning systems maintenance and services as well as repairs to vehicles including cars, heavy equipment and trucks. Whatever the make and model of your vehicle, we can help get your air conditioning back up and running just in time for the summer ahead.

    But how can you tell apart the signs of a failing air conditioning compressor? We’re here to help.

    What is a compressor?

    Many people are unaware of this unit, but it is actually the key component of the air conditioning system and without it, the air conditioner is not able to properly operate.

    The compressor puts the refrigerant under high pressure before pumping it into the condenser – where it changes from a gas to liquid. It is the only moving component within the air conditioning system, meaning it obtains power directly from the engine. Given this, a properly operating compressor is imperative for the air conditioning system to provide the utmost performance.

    Indicators of a failed compressor

    Failure in the compressor can be a result of various factors and increased strain from other components of the air conditioning system. Here are some of the most common causes of compressor failure:

    Refrigerant leaks

    If you notice your air conditioning is slowly losing its ability to properly cool the vehicle, this could be a result of a refrigerant leak. These leaks can be caused by a range of factors including a broken seal, a broken gasket, and regular wear and tear as a result of frequent usage of the air conditioning system. A leaking refrigerant can be difficult to spot and therefore requires the use of either a specific UV dye or an electronic leak detector to help detect it – which can be thoroughly assessed and located with the help of a professional heavy auto electrician.

    Without an adequate amount of refrigerant, the aircon system cannot properly operate and therefore results in damage to the compressor as well as other parts of the system. A refrigerant leak means that your car’s sealed system is no longer sealed – creating major problems; the leak is known to have negative environmental and potentially hazardous effects and can therefore compromise your vehicle’s air conditioning system entirely.

    Ensuring to address the issue immediately is important in helping prevent serious problems in your air conditioning system and can also save you the great expense of having to deal with a failed compressor. At Electroworx, we are highly qualified and equipped with the necessary tools needed to find and fix a leak. With our help, we can ensure that your air conditioning system continues to function and cool the way it is supposed to.

    Unusual noises

    If you hear unusual noises such as rattling, grinding or banging coming from your vehicle every time you turn on your air conditioning system, this could mean that either something in your air conditioning has stopped working or internal components of the compressor have failed.

    The type of noise that can be heard can indicate different faults in specific areas of the air conditioning system; an unusual sound can most likely be the result of a failed compressor. The best option is to have a professional assess the sound and determine whether or not the compressor has failed, or if the issue is from a different area of the air conditioning system.

    Contamination in the compressor

    The main job of the compressor is to compress the refrigerant from gas to liquid; in saying this, the compressor is not supposed to compress any other substance but the refrigerant and if it tries to do so can result in the complete breakdown and failure of the compressor.

    Substances such as oil leaks or failures in oil pumps can cause the spillage of oil or other substances into areas where they don’t belong – this leads to the contamination of the compressor. Air, moisture, and dirt are among the pollutants that might harm your compressor. For example, moisture can generate corrosion, which can combine with the refrigerant and cause problems in the compressor.

    What happens when the compressor fails?

    When the compressor stops working, you will be able to notice that the air inside the car does not blow as cold as it is supposed to. A failed air conditioning compressor can cause debris to be spread throughout the air conditioning system, resulting in either you needing to pay for repairs or, in the worst cases, the complete breakdown of your air conditioner.

    If your car’s air conditioning system is experiencing problems and not operating the way it should, it could most likely be due to a failure in the compressor. Diagnosing an issue in the compressor and getting it repaired as soon as possible is effective in ensuring no further breakdowns or serious issues.

    At Electroworx, our team is experienced in providing maintenance and repair services to your air conditioning, meaning your air conditioner can continue keeping you cool through the hot, summer weather.

    Electroworx is always ready to help.

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