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    3 Signs Your Auto Air Conditioning Needs Repair

    Whether it’s a hot summer day or a cold winter morning, functioning air conditioning is essential in any car. Regardless of whether or not your car has received frequent maintenance and is in proper care, an air conditioning system will occasionally experience certain problems that will limit its functionality.

    At Electroworx, we offer car air conditioning systems maintenance service in addition to repairs to mobile cars, heavy equipment and mobile trucks. No matter the make or model of your car, it’s important you keep up with maintenance and proper care of air conditioners in case of any further problems or the possibility of a car breakdown.

    But how do you know when your car’s air conditioning is in need of repairs or maintenance? We’ve got you covered.

    What signs should you look out for?

    • Reduced cooling capacity in your air condition system

    A very common and clear sign that your car’s air conditioner may be experiencing issues is that there is an obvious reduction in cooling capacity. This means that the air that is blowing into your car is not as cool as it should be or, in some cases, is not blowing out cold air at all. In some situations, the car’s air conditioning system may not be providing the needed temperature in the car, regardless of hot or cold. These issues are clear signs that something in your AC is not right and in need of repair.

    When you notice this obvious sign in your car’s air conditioning, it’s best you get in touch with our expert team at Electroworx to assess the system and undergo any necessary repairs. 

    • The sound of unusual noises coming from the system

    If you hear strange banging, rattling, or grinding noises coming from your car’s air conditioning system rather than just the sound of the fan letting out cool air, there is definitely a problem that needs immediate attention. These worrying and disturbing noises could be directly linked to your car’s air conditioning system. Some cars also make different noises such as clicking, squealing, grinding or grating noises, all of which indicate that there is a problem.

    The type of noise coming from your AC is an important way of being able to tell where and what the problem is, and, all different noises can lead to faults in specific components of the AC system whether it’s a worn clutch, bad compressor, faulty hose or loose component mount. Regardless, it’s necessary to have an auto electrician take a look at the system before the issue becomes more serious or breakdowns down completely.

    • Bad smell

    An unusual, bad smell coming from your air conditioning vents when turned on means there is a problem and that your system could be failing. Different smells could also indicate different problems within the system; whether stuffy and stale, musty, mouldy or mildewy, chemically smelling or sweet-smelling the problem must be attended to as it can potentially be unsafe for humans to be around, causing possible reactions as well as breathing issues.

    If you notice any of these signs in your vehicle, contact Electroworx.

    How to properly maintain your car’s air conditioner:

    Taking regular care of your car’s air conditioning system and making sure to uphold regular maintenance can play a big part in keeping the system functioning. A couple of ways you can look after your AC are:

    • Run it for about 10 to 30 minutes every week – this will maintain gas pressure which keeps the compressor working properly.
    • Run defrost mode a few times – this helps to avoid bad odours flowing from your system.
    • Don’t use your air conditioning with the windows down – this will cause your system to work too hard to keep cooling the interior of your car causing the system to overwork and then eventually overheat and malfunction.
    • Ensure you carry your car for regular maintenance.

    If your car is experiencing any auto air conditioning system issues and requires any maintenance or repairs, get in touch with our professional team who can help you today. At Electroworx, we work with you to avoid problems as well as fix any issues necessary.

    Our team is always ready to assist you.

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