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    5 common reasons why you need a mobile car breakdown service

    While it’s difficult to tell why or when a car may break down, there are few common reasons that may cause it. In this article, we’ll outline 5 popular causes of car breakdowns. In each instance, Electroworx’s mobile car breakdown service will be able to help you get back to your life. Before we dive into these causes, let’s take a brief look at how a mobile car breakdown service can help you, regardless of the cause.

    How can Sydney’s best mobile car breakdown service help you?

    Our mobile car breakdown service is the best solution for your car breakdown. Here’s why:

    • It can help you get to your destination (and back to the rest of your life) much quicker.
    • Our quick service helps your car avoid further prolonged damage to its inner workings.
    • Having a trained automotive electrician diagnose and repair your car helps you avoid injury by trying to repair the car yourself or drive a damaged vehicle.
    • Our almost immediate repairs on-site save you money from risking further damage to your car.

    5 common reasons why your car can break down

    #1 Faulty battery

    Battery issues are often the main cause of car breakdowns. If you experience the following, then it is likely that your breakdown is a result of a faulty battery:

    • Issues starting the engine
    • Engine taking longer than usual to start
    • Difficulty turning the engine over
    • Red battery warning light

    If you are currently worried about your battery, then try charging it overnight; this may extend its life.

    #2 Alternator issues

    Alternator issues are often linked to battery issues. Your alternator holds the majority of power and while the battery’s stored power can keep your car running for some time, eventually it will run out of energy. In a nutshell, without a proper functioning alternator, the battery will not charge.

    You’ll most likely notice that your alternator is not working properly when your car begins to lose power. Your car will not immediately break down, but gradually, you will see symptoms of lost power such as dimmed lights, slow wipers and your ignition warning light.

    #3 Damaged tyre

    This breakdown may not have to do with the power  of your car, but rather the logistics. A damaged tyre is extremely common and can happen without warning. You can puncture your tyre by driving on debris or an open hole. You are also more likely to suffer tyre damage if you don’t maintain your tyres properly.

    While it’s hard to determine when you may get a flat tyre, you can routinely check your tyres for signs of damage and poor alignment. Damaged tyres can be fixed without our mobile car breakdown service, however, if you don’t have a spare tyre, you’ll have to give us a call.

    #4 Electrical issues

    There is a multitude of issues that can occur with your car’s electrics. From burned out bulbs to the wear and tear of wirings – the problems can be endless! Without the proper training, it’s difficult for drivers to determine what’s wrong with their car and dangerous for them to drive to an auto repair shop.

    In this case, we highly recommend contacting Electrowox for their mobile car breakdown service. One of our auto electrician will run a full analysis of the system to diagnose the issue and advise you of a solution.

    #5 Misfuelling

    You’d be surprised to find out how many people put the wrong type of fuel in your car. While it sounds like a simple mistake, the results can be disastrous! If you’ve realised that you put the wrong fuel in your car but haven’t started the engine, then immediately contact Electrowrox and we’ll assist in ridding your car of the fuel. If you have started the engine, you should still contact us, however, the impact on your engine may be more damaging.

     Why does Electroworx have the best mobile car breakdown service in Sydney?

    At Electroworx, our team is skilled, respected and specialised in what they do. We do our best to fix any of your automobile issues in an efficient manner. If you experience any of the above issues, please contact us immediately to spare yourselves wasted time, energy and money.

    Our services include repairing mobile cars, heavy equipment, mobile trucks and 24/7 diagnostic car recovery for your breakdown. We consider ourselves the best in Sydney and work tirelessly to provide you with what you deserve.

    Whatever you need, our team is ready to help you.

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