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    5 tips for using your car air conditioning before its next service

    Using your car’s air conditioning during the summer and before its next scheduled service can be a test to its capability. Summer in Sydney is notoriously hot and can really affect your air conditioning system, especially if you’re in that worrying period between spring and your next service. While it is unlikely that anything will happen to your system (that would be incredibly unlucky), your chances are not completely zero. At Electroworx, we will try as hard as we can to prove a service for your car as soon as possible, however, if we’re unable to or, if you’d rather wait until your next service, there are some precautions you can take to ensure that your car’s air conditioning system functions well.

    5 tips for using your car’s air conditioning during a Sydney summer (and before your next service)

    Ensure regular maintenance

    As we’re in the middle of summer, this tip may be useless, however, you can use this for the next year to provide you with extra assurance. Ensuring that your car is regularly serviced and professionally maintained is key for avoiding sporadic breakdowns and malfunctions in the middle of summer. Even if you are between services, professional maintenance will keep your car’s air conditioning system running throughout the summer, even during road trips!

    This is a great tip for any car user as it keeps your air conditioning system in good condition and avoids costly and damaging issues.

    Park under the shade

    We understand that this isn’t always practical nor possible, however, when you can, you should park under the shade and avoid the sun and heat as much as you can. While it does not help to prolong the life of your air conditioning system, it keeps your car more comfortable. When your car is directly under the sun, it gets hot inside very quickly which puts your air conditioning system under pressure (makes it work a lot harder) to cool down your car. This puts stress on your system and can eventually lead to problems or cause your system to malfunction, especially if you have not serviced it in a while.

    Use the recirculation mode

    After you begin to cool down your vehicle, especially when the inside is very hot, you should use the recirculation mode. The recirculation mode circulates air inside of the car by closing the air duct in the front of the car so that the air from outside does not enter the car. This is good for reducing pressure on your air conditioning system as it helps to cool your car faster by preventing heat from outside from entering the car. As mentioned in our previous point, reducing the pressure on your air conditioning system avoids premature malfunctioning.

    Take off the recirculation mode when you think your car has reached its ideal temperature.

    Don’t use the air conditioning system with your windows down

    This tip goes for your air conditioning system at any time. While we know it can be tempting to wind your windows down in the summer, it can be one of the most stressful things for your car’s system. Using the air conditioning while your windows are down can have the opposite effect of using the recirculation mode. It welcomes a vast amount of warm air into your car and makes your air conditioning system work harder to cool down your car. As discussed previously, putting added pressure onto your car can cause it to malfunction prematurely. In this case, this can happen even if you’ve just been serviced.

    Get help right away

    If you do experience problems with your car’s air conditioning system, do not wait until your next service. Waiting until your next appointment with Electroworx can cause further damage to your vehicle’s system and potentially cost you more money. Sometimes, parts in your air conditioning system can simply be repaired, however, if you wait, these repairs can turn into replacements. Additionally, some car issues can be symptoms of larger problems, making your car possibly dangerous to drive. Don’t risk your life or comfort, call us immediately!

    At Electroworx, we offer car air conditioning systems maintenance service in addition to repairs to mobile cars, heavy equipment and mobile trucks. We consider ourselves the best in Western Sydney and work tirelessly to provide you with what you deserve.

    Whatever you need, our team is ready to help you.

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