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    5 tips to avoid a repair for your heavy equipment during winter

    It’s safe to say that any business owner would prefer to avoid needing to repair their heavy equipment. The easiest way to do this is to ensure that your heavy equipment is in tip-top condition during winter, for that you would need skilled heavy auto electrician to fix issues.

    5 tips to avoid heavy equipment repair this winter

    Ensure your equipment is properly stored at all times

    Winter in Sydney has a lot of wind and rain. This can be damaging to heavy equipment, especially if it’s left unattended for a prolonged period of time. If it rains and your equipment is exposed, water can corrode the metal of heavy equipment and accelerate wear and tear. Accelerated wear and tear can create a hazard for anyone operating the vehicle and cost your business unnecessary repair or replacement costs.

    Monitor lubricant levels

    During winter, your heavy equipment is likely to work a lot harder, whether it be because of slippery and muddy roads or terrible weather conditions. This can cause the lubricant level of your heavy equipment to be used up more quickly than on a regular summer day. Your heavy equipment needs lubricant to function properly and for its inner gears to operate smoothly. Without this, your heavy equipment can deteriorate and cause operational issues.

    To stay on top of your lubricant levels, ensure you do the following:

    • Check your levels frequently, including after a particularly difficult job.
    • Only used the lubricant recommended by the manufacturer.

    Clean the machine thoroughly and regularly

    Winter usually means muddy roads and generally, humid conditions. Heavy equipment is also prone to soot build-up. All of these elements can contribute to declined functionality in the heavy equipment. Build-up or filth of any kind can clog air filters, damage electrical wiring and interfere with the overall performance of the heavy equipment.

    To get rid of grease and grime, heavy equipment needs to be carefully pressure washed. Ensure that only a trained employee cleans the equipment as the task itself can be quite complicated. Without proper care and techniques, you can risk severely damaging your equipment.

    Periodically check the equipment for wear and tear

    As you’ve realised, many factors can contribute to the wear and tear of your heavy equipment. Wear and tear can be expected in older pieces of heavy equipment, however, if it goes unnoticed or  is accelerated for some reason, it can be extremely damaging to your business and  operators of  the heavy equipment.

    Regularly check your vehicle for signs of wear and tear, particularly during winter. Signs of wear and tear include leakage from the equipment, odd operational noises and strange fumes or smoke.

    Train your employees about the necessary precautions to take during winter

    While it’s important for business owners to be aware of the proper management of the equipment, it is even more important  for employees who operate and maintain the equipment to be  trained in its handling

    Operators of heavy equipment are more likely  to identify signs of wear and tear in the equipment. Additionally, they are primarily in control of the vehicle and will be responsible for the longevity of its life as well as its overall performance.

    To protect your business as well as to keep your employees safe, ensure that you properly train all employees on the operation and maintenance of your heavy equipment.

    How can Electroworx help repair your heavy equipment?

    At Electroworx, our team is skilled, respected and specialised in what they do. Repairing heavy equipment takes specialized knowledge and experience. Our team is equipped with both and will diagnose and repair efficiently. We know that the  operation of equipment  very often relates to our clients’ livelihoods, so we do our best to solve issues in a timely manner.

    Our services go beyond the heavy equipment auto electricians. They include repairing cars, trucks and providing 24/7 diagnostic car recovery for your breakdown. We consider ourselves the best in Sydney and work tirelessly to provide you with what you deserve.

    Whatever you need, our team is ready to help you.

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