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    5 tips to extend your heavy equipment’s life

    There’s nothing worse than having your equipment or vehicle unexpectedly break down. It can lead to downtime in your business, reduced productivity and of course, the much dreaded, financial cost. Fortunately, there are many steps you can take to reduce the risk of any heavy machinery breaking down. Preventative maintenance and vigilant care will not only ensure that you do not experience a breakdown but, it will also lead to a longer life span of your machine and more efficient performance. In the long run, this will not only save you the costs of fixing a damaged piece of equipment but, it will also lower your fuel costs, energy consumption and general maintenance product costs.

    Sydney heavy vehicle auto electrician reveals 5 tips to extend your heavy equipment’s life

    • Regularly replace lubricant

    Due to the materials and functions of heavy equipment, all of them require lubricant. Lubricant ensures that heavy equipment’s parts do not prematurely wear and tear by reducing friction and preventing soot build-up. However, lubricant runs out with time and can significantly impact your equipment if it is not quickly replaced.

    Ensure that you frequently check the lubricant level of your machine or equipment. Also, look for build-up or leaks around the area. Use the brand of lubricant recommended by the manufacturer. Though some may think that this is a sales or partnership ploy, many times it is because that brand of lubricant cooperates with the machinery or does not have ingredients that may be harmful to the equipment. Lastly, use the recommended and correct amount of lubricant. Too much can lead to build-up and too little can lead to wear and tear.

    • Thoroughly clean your machine

    Cleaning your machine is extremely important for avoiding and reducing build-up of soot, grease, dust and dirt. These elements can clog your filters, vents, chains and gears. Though it is recommended to use a water hose to clean these parts, it, unfortunately, will not clean hard-to-reach areas like an iron chain. For this, you may have to use a specialised cleaning method like steam cleaning or pressure washing.

    • Monitor your machine for wear and tear

    Ensure that you monitor the mechanical and electrical components of your machine. Depending on who has used it, the manufacturer of the equipment, weather and many other reasons, your machine could display wear and tear. Its efficiency cannot always be controlled by you, so it is best that you monitor it for any issues. As soon as an issue is spotted, we recommend that you give Electroworx a visit so that we can get it fixed immediately. Without monitoring your machine, you may miss critical malfunctions that can lead to larger mechanical and electrical issues later on or even injury.

    • Avoid excessive use or pressure

    Do not push your machine beyond its maximum limit. Exceeding a manufacturer’s weight, speed or pressure limit will speed up the deterioration of your equipment and reduce its lifespan. Even more seriously, exceeding limitations can lead to the injury of you or your employees. Read your machine’s manual carefully and ensure to instruct anyone handling the equipment not to go over the stipulated limit. In the end, if this is not adhered to, you’ll have to see Electroworx a lot sooner than you planned to.

    • Train employees

    It is important that anyone who is operating or around your machinery is aware of how to properly maintain and operate it. Ensure that all of your employees know how to operate the machine, properly maintain and clean the equipment and its performance limitations. Ensure that you update and inform all existing employees with this information as you may bring new employees on board or, your equipment may have received an update. Either way, do everything you can to ensure that your equipment is properly used.

    There are circumstances where maintenance and care is not the cause of your machinery’s breakdown. Other common causes of breakdowns can be:

    • Poor manufacturing
    • Weather-related issues
    • Tampering

    If you’ve stuck to these tips and still have issues with your heavy equipment, then stop by Electroworx. Our team promises the greatest level of service, our heavy equipment auto electricians expert knowledge of a wide variety of heavy equipment and tends to issues efficiently and effectively.

    Even if you’re interested in equipment or need a repair, we’re here for you, promising a swift response, competitive pricing and service guarantee.

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