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    5 ways your auto air conditioning maintenance will keep you cool during warm weather

    Australia is home to beautiful sunny weather, and while this is great for lounging by the pool or on the beach, it can be extremely uncomfortable driving in your car. Thankfully, auto air conditioning provides sweet relief from the heat, giving Aussies across the country comfortable car rides for their journeys. But, how exactly do our cars keep us cool? The obvious answer would be: with the auto air conditioning! However, there is a more complex answer. Your auto air conditioning system keeps you cool because of its maintenance.

    Auto air conditioning maintenance keeps the interior of your car, the car’s systems and you cool. Like many things, auto air conditioning systems need time to repair and rejuvenate. An auto air conditioning maintenance service gives it just that. You should service your auto air conditioning every two years or every 40,000 kilometres – whichever comes first. This will keep it in top shape and ensure that you’re cool without worry.

    5 reasons your air conditioning maintenance service will keep you cool

    Cool your pockets with reduced repair costs

    Regular air conditioning maintenance means that you have a lower risk of air conditioning malfunction which is the first step to keep consistently cool during hot weather. However, it also means that you will not spend a lot of money on air conditioning repairs and replacements. Air conditioning maintenance prevents your system from gradually deteriorating and ensures that all of its ‘vitals’ such as refrigerants are at the appropriate level.

    Less stress on your air conditioning system

    When it’s hot, you may be tempted to enjoy the beautiful weather and stay cool by winding down your windows while your air conditioning is turned on. This can be disastrous for your air conditioning system. When you wind your windows down, the hot air from outside puts continuous stress on the air conditioning system to cool the interior of the car down. This continues for as long as you have your windows down and can eventually lead to a malfunctioning of your air conditioning and increased fuel economy. Your car never gets cool with this method, your air conditioning malfunctions and you spend more money on fuel. So, on all ends, you lose.

    While this reason is due to personal maintenance and not a maintenance service, it is still important to note as it helps you to avoid getting into a hot and sticky situation with a malfunctioning air conditioning system.

    Clean your cabin’s air

    Your cabin’s air filter needs to be cleaned during a maintenance service to operate consistently. Build up in an air filter can be caused by debris, mould and dust and will result in an unhealthy cabin air environment in addition to poor airflow from your system. The cold air that your system is trying to circulate gets caught inside of the air conditioning and causes icing on its coil. When this happens, your system freezes up and completely stops functioning.

    A maintenance service will ensure that your filters are thoroughly cleaned or changed (if necessary), allowing you to maintain consistent airflow in your car.

    Avoids compressor failure

    The refrigerant gas is used in the air conditioning system and compressed in the compressor. During this process, the temperature drops drastically so that the system can cool the car. Without proper refrigerant gas level (this is checked during a maintenance service), the compressor can fail and the air conditioning system will malfunction, causing your car to become uncomfortable.

    Reduces the chance of evaporator corrosion

    Refrigerant is used in the air conditioning system of your car’s air conditioning system. It enters the evaporator and absorbs heat from warm air. The humidity in the air then condenses on the surface of the evaporator and drips outside of the vehicle. However, if the evaporator is not regularly inspected and cleaned during maintenance service, it can become corroded, fail and need to be replaced. This, of course, affects your car’s air conditioning system and your ability to stay cool.

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