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    Ask your auto electrician: Is it time for a service?

    Servicing your vehicle is one more thing to add on to the never-ending list of ‘things I’ll eventually get around to doing’, and is usually neglected and one of our last priorities.

    We often don’t realise the importance of servicing and maintaining our vehicles, until they stop working.

    Servicing your vehicle at an auto electrician may seem like a hassle and an unnecessary expense at the time until a major issue is detected that compromises the efficiency of the vehicle and potentially your safety.

    It is much more cost-effective to get regular maintenance services, rather than major repairs.

    It is essential to be aware of any potential warning signs when it comes to the maintenance of your vehicle.

    Cars are made up of complex systems and mechanisms that are prone to damage and faults if they are not properly cared for and serviced by an auto electrician.

    4 reasons why it is essential to regularly service your vehicle with an auto-electrician if you live in Sydney:

    Inspection and a thorough checkup performed by a qualified and experienced auto electrician
    During a service, an expert technician will perform a detailed and thorough inspection of the main parts of your vehicle and any areas that you may be concerned about. It is essential to conduct regular vehicle services at an auto electrician in order to identify any issues that could potentially result in major problems if left unchecked.

    Boosts your safety
    In 2018, there were 1,193 fatalities in Australia due to car related accidents, a significant amount of these fatalities occurring on Sydney roads. The main purpose of auto electrician inspections is to ensure that your vehicle is safe to drive as any potential problems can be identified and fixed before it is too late.

    Keep Sydney roads safe by minimising the risk of car accidents and breakdowns by getting your vehicle regularly checked on by an experienced auto electrician.

    Saves you money, and more importantly… stress!
    Frequent scheduled services at an auto electrician in Sydney can save you a lot of money, and keep your stress levels at bay, especially in the long term.
    Nobody wants to be left without a car, and a hefty repair bill.

    Maintains the value of your vehicle
    When it comes to selling your vehicle in the future, there is a noticeable difference between a well-maintained car and a car that has been neglected.

    In Sydney, there is a wide variety of choice within the car market, therefore maintaining the value of your vehicle is crucial if you are hoping to gain a positive return on investment.

    People looking to purchase used cars, as well as vehicle trading services, perceive vehicles that have a full service history as more value in comparison to vehicles with minimal servicing.

    Types of vehicle services performed by auto electricians in Sydney:

    A common misconception regarding vehicle servicing is that there is only one type of service.

    There are two main types of services conducted by an auto electrician depending on your vehicles; age, make, and history.

    Minor: A basic or general service – primarily focuses on inspecting the main components of the vehicle such as engine oil, brakes, steering and suspension and windscreen wipers.

    Major: A full vehicle service that involves a thorough and detailed inspection of every component in the vehicle such as steering wheel alignment, tyre pressure, coolant levels, replacing spark plugs.

    What are some signs that your vehicle requires a service

    Engine warning light:
    Most modern vehicles are made of up of advanced technology and systems that enable the driver to be notified when the vehicle requires the attention of an auto electrician.
    If a warning light is flashing on your vehicle’s dashboard, you should book your vehicle in for service immediately.
    It the engine light is on but not flashing, it is still a good idea to get it checked out before it can turn into a bigger problem.

    Strange noises:
    Any strange or unusual noises coming from your vehicle should be inspected by an auto electrician before they develop into something more serious.

    Common noises and what they mean:
    Squeaks and squealing when you step on the brake: this may be an indicator of worn out brake pads.
    Whining from beneath the bonnet: most commonly caused by a loose belt, which can lead to a range of more serious issues such as overheating and battery problems.
    Louder than normal exhaust sounds: this may be an indicator of a hole or crack in your vehicle’s exhaust.
    Droning sounds: indicates an issue with a wheel, or an unbalanced tyre.

    Smoke or steam escaping from under the bonnet:
    There should never be any type of smoke or steam coming from under the bonnet. This can be a major warning sign that your vehicle needs immediate attention by an auto electrician.

    If smoke is being released from under the bonnet it could signal an oil leak, that may result in overheating and radiator problems. If left unfixed, your vehicle may require a timely and costly repair.

    Reduced fuel mileage:
    A reduction in fuel mileage signals that your vehicle is not operating as efficiently as it should be. This issue may arise as a result of incorrect tire pressure, bad fuel injectors, and bad oxygen sensors.

    As Sydney’s fuel prices are increasingly on the rise, you want to be able to ensure that you are getting the most out of your vehicles fuel mileage, and preventing more serious problems from occurring. Which is why it is essential to get regular vehicle check up’s at your local Sydney auto electrician service centre.

    Electroworx provides mobile services across Sydney, our highly experienced team of auto electricians offer a broad range of efficient and reliable services.

    Time is of the essence and we understand that. All matters are handled as urgent and are completed as quickly as possible, without the surprise costs. We bring our expertise to you and are specialists in car repairs and maintenance.

    Available 24/7, Electroworx is mobile servicing for cars and is rapid in responding to any situation, whether it is a breakdown or simply a flat battery.

    Electroworx offers a wide range of automotive electrical support for cars within Sydney so you can take comfort in knowing that 24/7 mobile car support is only a phone call away. With endless support, you will never have to deal with, or at least stress over, another automotive electrical issue alone again.

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