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Auto Air Conditioning: The FAQ’s

Auto air conditioning is a standard inclusion on most vehicle makes and models nowadays. It is as common a feature as power steering and automatic windows, but just as much requires consistent care and maintenance. To provide optimal solutions, it is essential to ensure that experienced technicians are on hand for general repairs and malfunctions. Below is a list of frequently asked questions when it comes to auto air conditioning.

1. Why do air conditioning systems need to be serviced?

Servicing is crucial to ensure all car systems are functioning to their optimal performance. Over time, certain elements such as pipes and seals may naturally wear, so servicing acts as both a routine inspection and preventative method of care. Auto electricians may also be able to diagnose any flaws early on and work to counter any future failures.

2. What is the advantage of an auto electrician servicing a vehicle’s air conditioning system?

Not everyone will be able to inspect, diagnose and assess the performance of an air conditioning system. Auto electrical service providers have acquired technical skills and expertise to service with care and efficiency. With evolving technology and different vehicle makes and models, and therefore different types of internal systems, they adopt a tailored approach, rather than a “one-size-fits-all” method.

3. Are air conditioning systems sustainable?

Air conditioning systems are environmentally-friendly, when handled with care. They are built to be efficiency, which means the sustainable use of natural resources. In addition, their odour-free and pollutant-free emissions ensure no toxic substances are emitted from air conditioning systems. Issues such as gas recovery and leaks are diagnosed by experienced auto electrical service suppliers, who also use methods that complement eco-friendliness.

4. What do I do if my auto air conditioning is not working?

The perks of having an air conditioning system in your vehicle are more than just cool air in the warmer months and warm air in the cooler months. A/C systems actually benefit allergy sufferers too. Through filtering pollutants or airborne particles, it omits any pollen which affects those with conditions such as hayfever.  It also has added benefits like producing warm dehumidified air, perfect for demisting fogged up windows. Its purpose is more important than we recognise, so if the system is down – contact a professional.

5. How can Electroworx Automotive Electrical Services help?

With a wealth of experience and a fully licensed team, our technicians are able to:

  • Diagnose vehicle air conditioning systems to locate faults
  • Identify possible leaks within air conditioning systems
  • Re-gas vehicles where required
  • Provide a reliable repair and maintenance service
  • Perform gas recovery involving decommissioning gas
  • Retrofit vehicle air conditioning systems with ease and efficiency

To find out more, visit us at https://www.electroworxautomotive.sydney/

18 December 2018 - Author: Electroworx Automotive


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