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Car Air Conditioning Repair

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    Auto Air Conditioning: Service, Repairs, and Compressor

    A top-notch car air conditioning (AC) system is your best cobber for keeping cool on the Aussie roads. As you’re driving, your AC might stop working. It might seem that the AC is humming along. It’s wise to take it for a test at least once yearly to ensure it’s staying on the rails.

    Car AC

    A fully functioning air conditioning system is essential for keeping your cool, especially when the weather’s hotter than a kangaroo’s pouch. Regular maintenance, such as a service every 1-2 years, is the best way to ensure your car’s AC stops working due to moisture, dust, debris, or general wear and tear. Benefits? Keeping your vehicle’s insides as cool as a cucumber, nipping more minor issues in the bud, ensuring your AC has more lives than a cat, and saying no to mould and bacteria that can make your car stink.

    Can Car AC compressors be repaired?

    Now, if your compressor is showing signs of breaking down, a top-notch service, lubrication, and an air conditioning recharge can do the trick. But if it’s cracked, you might need to bite the bullet and replace the whole entity. It’s more complex than you might think; the AC compressor dance is more complicated.

    Your car’s air conditioning rides on the back of the AC compressor, pumping refrigerant around. Whether it’s just plain wear and tear, your AC compressor might not pull its weight. Without a fair original compressor, your car’s air conditioning is as helpful as a screen door on a submarine. In most cases, the AC compressor will soldier on through the life of your vehicle. But if it’s going to throw in the towel, it’ll likely happen after your car has done 150,000 clicks or more. When it’s time to give your compressor a breather, Electroworx is the go-to for fast and reliable diagnosis.

    Car AC compressors can sometimes be repaired, but it depends on the nature and extent of the damage. The compressor is a critical component of the air conditioning system and is responsible for compressing and circulating the refrigerant. Common issues with AC compressors include leaks, mechanical failures, and electrical problems.

    When a compressor fails, it’s often recommended to replace it rather than repair it. Compressors are complex components, and attempting to fix specific issues may not provide a reliable and long-term solution. Replacement compressors often come with warranties, providing added peace of mind.

    10 Causes of AC Compressor Failure

    1. Electrical Failures

    When the electrical components of your car’s air conditioning system, such as contactors, wires, and fuses, are damaged, it can lead to acid buildup. This acid buildup can adversely affect various parts of the AC system, causing the compressor to malfunction.

    1. Condenser Coil Blockage

    Lack of maintenance can make the condenser coils clogged with grime and dust. When these coils can’t release heat efficiently, it puts extra pressure on the compressor. If this persists, the compressor may overheat, eventually leading to complete failure.

    1. Compressor Overheating

    Overheating is a common cause of compressor failure and can result from various factors. Direct sunlight on the outdoor unit without proper ventilation, high voltages, dirty coils, low refrigerant levels, and insufficient insulation can all contribute to overheating, ultimately causing the compressor to fail.

    1. Evaporator Motor Displacement

    If the evaporator motor is displaced, it can force the refrigerant to return to the compressor, causing lubrication issues. This, in turn, leads to a decrease in the compressor’s efficiency over time and can eventually cause it to cease functioning altogether.

    1. Low Refrigerant Levels

    Contrary to popular belief, your air conditioner doesn’t “use up” refrigerant over time. Low refrigerant levels are usually indicative of a leakage in the system that needs urgent attention. Low refrigerant levels result in decreased pressure, causing the compressor to work harder, which can lead to its eventual failure.

    1. Excess Refrigerant in the Unit

    If an unqualified technician overfills your unit with refrigerant, it can cause increased pressure in the system. This heightened pressure can contribute to premature AC compressor failure.

    1. Lack of Lubrication

    Low oil levels can cause compressor parts to rub against each other, increasing wear and tear. Loss of lubrication is often due to leakage from various components, and without proper servicing, it can result in a stressed compressor breaking down earlier than expected.

    1. Clogged or Damaged Suction Lines

    Over time, suction lines can develop cracks and holes, hindering refrigerant flow in the system. This increased strain on the compressor can lead to a breakdown.

    1. Dirt and Debris in the Outdoor Unit

    Outdoor pollutants, dust, debris, soot, and even moisture can enter the outdoor unit, causing issues for the compressor. This can lead to refrigerant dispersion in the condenser, increasing the temperature inside the compressor and causing damage. Regular annual tune-ups can help prevent this problem.

    1. Incorrect Sizing of Suction Lines

    If your suction line is too long or too short, it can result in AC compressor failure. This issue often arises when untrained or amateur technicians attempt repairs and install the wrong size. Professional technicians should be consulted for any AC repairs to ensure the correct sizing and installation of suction lines.

    Understanding these potential causes of AC compressor failure is essential for maintaining your car’s air conditioning system and preventing costly breakdowns. Regular servicing and prompt attention to warning signs can go a long way in ensuring the longevity and efficiency of your AC compressor.

    Regular servicing, a keen eye on your compressor, and some preventive care can ensure your AC system keeps you as cool as a cucumber on those scorching Aussie days. Electroworx has your back for all your car air conditioning needs so that you can hit the road without a sweat. Contact us today to learn more!


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