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    Auto electricians helping you to keep your car in top-notch condition during Sydney winter months

    No one wants to be left stranded in the middle of nowhere with a dead battery, no lights and no air conditioning!

    Driving in the winter requires some preventative care steps to help stay prepared for the rainy days – literally. It is important to take care of your car during the winter months and not let the temperatures cause mayhem!

    Some people will call winter the best time of the year, while others do not want to hear the word. Whether you love it or hate it – it does not matter! What does matter, is making sure your car is working properly and all features are functioning in order to not leave you in a stressful situation, having to call an auto electrician!

    It is never to early to get your car ready for the cold. This is why we are going to outline some important steps to help you stay ready, saving you the hassle of calling a mobile auto electrician.

    “Relationships, like cars, should undergo regular services to make sure they are still roadworthy.” – Zygmunt Bauman

    Notes from your Sydney auto electrician:

    • Check your battery

    It is especially important to keep your car’s battery in good condition during the cold temperatures. This is because the cooler weather can reduce the power of the battery – sometimes even by half!

    To check your battery, it is important to make sure that it indicates a full charge. A battery that is more than five years old will show signs of weakness and it is recommended to replace it with a new one.

    Your battery can even be tested by an auto electrician, service station or repair shop. Sometimes your battery may only need a recharge – this is usually when it is feeling a little tired! However, if it is worn out, your best bet is to replace it before it dies out completely.

    • Time to replace your wiper blades

    Many people do not realise how often they need to change their wiper blades. It is said that you should be changing your wiper blades every six months to ensure optimal effectiveness.

    Noticed that your car wipers are creating annoying streaks or missing a certain spot? These are simple signs which show your wipers are ready for an upgrade!

    It is possible to clean the rubber edge blade of the wiper by wiping it down, to elongate its life just a little more. However, this is not your best bet for the winter months.

    You do not want to be placed in a hazardous situation due to your wipers not doing their job properly. Do yourself and your car a favour and replace your wiper blades twice a year. They are quick and easy to install, but if you are having trouble, repair shops/auto electricians can do the job for you!

    • Upkeep your oil!

    Your car’s performance relies on the right oil levels and consistency. It is important to make sure the oil level of your car is not too low and holds the right texture.

    It is also imperative that the right type of oil is used for your car, in order to optimise performance. This can be checked with the owners manual or asking an auto electrician, where they can provide you with the right information.

    The cold weather can have a toll on your engine. The motor oil tends to thicken during the cold weather making it a larger effort for your engine to turn over. After changing the oil, it is also recommended to substitute the oil filter to secure maximum flow within the system.

    • Lights, please!

    With winter comes shorter days and dark nights. This means more car trips will be during the dark. It is crucial to make sure your exterior lights are working well and are in good shape.

    Replace the bulb if they go out, or even if they are looking foggy/yellow. You do not want to be left on a highway with no lights – it is not fun!

    Preventative tips you can do at home without a mobile auto electrician

    Cold days mean you are no longer using the ‘cooling’ setting on your air conditioner. This may even be turned off for the whole duration of winter. However, running your air conditioning during the colder months can help keep your air conditioner in better shape, avoiding issues when the weather heats up.

    It is important to keep the parts inside of your air conditioning system moving. The oils within the system need to constantly be circulated and lubricated.

    Try and run your air conditioner for a period of 10 minutes once a week, this will prevent it from developing issues and allow the system to remain lubricated.

    It is vital that your air conditioner works in the winter, as nothing is worse than your windows fogging up, with no solution to make it clear again! The air conditioning system helps eliminate the moisture in the air, keeping your windshields steam and frost free!

    Okay, we are not recommending to freeze yourself to death by turning on the air-conditioner on cold but we do recommend turning on both the air conditioner and heater together. This helps maintain the cooling system while still drying out the surrounding air.

    Instead of shivering, the balanced air will create the perfect warm atmosphere in your car.

    Electroxworx can help you stay prepared during the winter months, assisting with all your cars needs! We can help you, with services including air conditioning repairs, fittings and identification of possible leaks.

    Our mobile auto electricians in Sydney can assist you with an old battery or a dead light bulb. Whatever your issue may be, our experts will be able to give you advice on the most efficient and effective way to solve your car’s problem.

    With emergency auto electrician services which are available 24/7, you will never be left without help! Call us now on 1300 824 692 or schedule your vehicle for an appointment here!


    1300 824 692