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    Does your auto air conditioning need servicing? 5 warning signs

    Auto air conditioning can be both a blessing and a curse. Most times, especially during winter, you don’t miss your air conditioning, nor do you take proper care of it. After all, it just blows cool air, how much maintenance could it need? Well, what many people don’t know is that your auto air conditioning doesn’t only need precautionary care but, it also requires servicing. Luckily, for unknowing drivers and passengers, your car will indicate in a few different ways when it requires servicing.

    There are various ways that your car will indicate that it’s in need of some care and attention. The trick in preventing costly repairs and uncomfortable car rides is to know what these signs are and to take the necessary swift action. Many Sydney drivers are not aware of the appropriate time to service their car or what these important signs are and thus, leave their auto air conditions to actually break down before they visit a service repair shop. Thankfully, at Electroworx, we’re aware of all the possible indicators and will share it with you so that you can save yourself an unnecessary headache.

    When do you need to service your auto air conditioning?

    Most car manufacturers recommend that you service your auto air conditioning every two years in order to prevent unexpected financial costs and inconvenient car rides. An auto air conditioning service involves:

    • replacement of lubricating oil,
    • a leak system test,
    • evacuation of refrigerant gas and,
    • the inspection of drive belts and pulleys, operation valves, thermostats and hoses.

    Warning signs your auto air conditioning system needs to be serviced

    Not cooling/Slow to cool

    The first and very obvious sign that your air conditioning is in need of a servicing is if it simply isn’t doing its one job, to cool the interior of your car. If all you are getting is hot air or, your car is taking longer than usual to cool down, then there may be something wrong with your Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system. This could be a result of a number of reasons:

    • Low refrigerant levels
    • Leaking refrigerant
    • Damaged cooling fans
    • Clogged filters

    Regardless of the cause, a servicing will be required immediately to repair the issue. Without it, your car’s HVAC system will be under immense pressure.

    Weak airflow

    Weak airflow is an indicator that air is struggling to reach your vents. This is commonly caused by an evaporator that’s clogged with mould, a loose blower or blown seal in the system. This would obstruct the air’s pathway, making it extremely weak or non-existent by the time it reaches your vents, if it actually does. 

    In addition to repairing this issue to restore cool airflow within your car, you should immediately seek an auto air conditioning servicing to ensure that you do not permanently damage your system or inhale mouldy fumes, in the case of a clogged evaporator.

    Visible water leakage in your car

    Leakage from your auto air conditioning may be normal if it is on the exterior of your car. This is usually common if you’ve been running your car for a long period of time. However, if you are seeing leakage inside of your car, then this is a serious issue. This may be caused by a damaged or clogged drain at the bottom of your car, causing the water to back up and flow into your vehicle. If this is the case, you will find the water pooling at the front of your car near the dashboard and front seats.

    Your car will require servicing as soon as possible in order to repair the damaged or clogged drains and to prevent the interior of your car from getting damaged.

    Foul odour

    Even though your auto air conditioning may be working fine, temperature-wise, if it is emitting a foul odour, you may have a serious problem on two fronts. First, it may be caused by an accumulation of mould in the air conditioning unit. This foul odour is unpleasant and can lead to health issues with you and your passengers. Second, it will get worse and eventually lead to the deterioration of your HVAC system.

    Odd noise

    If you turn your auto air conditioning on and hear an odd noise then, your fan belt or condenser may be broken. It could also be debris in your fan, but you can’t be certain without servicing your car.

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