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    The evolution of auto electrician services

    On an insufferably hot summer afternoon, or an unbearably cold winter morning the first thing we do when getting into the car reaches for the AC.

    Auto air conditioning is an important and essential component that comes standard in almost all vehicle makes and models nowadays. However, this wasn’t always the case.

    In the past, it was seen as an ultimate luxury. Automotive air conditioning has come a long way in the last few decades due to advances in cutting edge technology and innovation.

    Today, auto air conditioning services are easily accessible through many mobile auto electrician specialists.

    Auto air conditioning requires constant maintenance and care to ensure the smooth and efficient flow of air throughout the vehicle, which is why an experienced and technical auto electrician is important.

    Timeline of the evolution of car air conditioning:

    The beginning of the 20th century saw significant advancements in mobile auto electrician services and innovations, specifically the development of auto air conditioning in vehicles.

    1939: This was a significant year in the history of auto air conditioning. Packard, an American luxury automobile manufacturer, was the first company to develop and install air conditioning systems into their vehicles at an additional cost.

    1940’s: Following World War II, independent automobile manufacturers and auto electricians began installing air conditioning systems into new car models. However, this came with a hefty price tag and was limited to the ‘upper class.’

    1950’s: Automobile manufactures, Pontiac and Nash, become the first two companies to start installing air conditioning systems in the front of all vehicles, instead of the trunk.

    1960’s: Auto air-conditioning significantly increased in demand and popularity, and luxury car manufacturer Cadillac introduced comfort control AC systems, which allowed drivers to set their own preferred temperature with automatic adjusting. These new developments in auto air conditioning also required auto electrician services for maintenance and repairs.

    1970’s: Although auto air-conditioning had become a necessary luxury, an intense debate was raised and focused on the environmental impact of using particular compounds in auto air conditioning systems, which severally threatened the industry.

    1980’s: The controversial environmental debate continued, and a ban was placed on R12 – the hazardous refrigerant that caused horrible effects on the ozone layer. This led innovations and technological advancements as car manufacturers and auto electrician’s had to develop new and improved air conditioning systems.

    1990’s: Auto air conditioning systems in all vehicles are required to run on R-134a refrigerant, rather than R12 – basically fancy terms to say that the industry started looking out for the environment. Auto electricians and car manufacturers were responsible for facilitating this change.

    Auto air conditioning in 2019:

    There are 2 prominent factors that outline how auto air-conditioning has improved in the last few decades:

    • Environmental sustainability:The environmental debate over compounds used in auto air conditioning systems continues, as environmental sustainability has become a widespread issue in society:
      • Car manufacturers continue to develop new and sustainable innovations in order to improve their ecological footprint on the environment.
      • Auto air conditioning systems now use a compound called refrigerant R134a which has no harmful effects on the ozone layer
      • All vehicles with auto air conditioning must be retrofitted to use R134a, rather than R12, which can be easily done by an auto electrician.
    • Temperature control:Climate control air conditioning was first developed in the 1960’s by a luxury car manufacturer; Cadillac. This allowed drivers to customise and adjust their preferred temperatures, which would keep the interior of the vehicle at a set temperature
      • Today, all vehicles are fitted with custom climate control air conditioning and include dual, three, and four-zone climate control settings, including the intensity of the air.
      • Mobile auto electrician services have also become increasingly common and deal with almost all auto air conditioning and climate control issues and general air conditioning maintenance.

    The future of auto air condition systems:

    Environmental sustainability and advancements in technology are central to the future of auto air-conditioning systems.

    The car manufacturing industry is under pressure by the Government to become more sustainable and it is expected that the use of the R134a refrigerant will be phased out of use in new vehicles in the next few years.

    Be sure to get your vehicle inspected by an auto electrician to ensure that it is running efficiently and sustainably.

    Auto Air Conditioning Then & Now:

    Then Now
    Auto air conditioning was available as an ‘optional’ extra for an additional charge. Auto air conditioning is a standard feature that is included in all newer car makes and models.
    The first auto air conditioning system was built into the trunk of the vehicle. Auto air conditioning systems are fitted into the front of the vehicle.
    Before auto air conditioning, oscillating car fans were mounted onto the dashboard. Auto air conditioning is built into the vehicle and is distributed through vents within the car.
    Climate control car air conditioning – allows you to set a specific temperature. Advanced climate control air conditioning allows you to set a specific temperature in multiple zones.

    ·         Dual Zone climate control

    ·         Three Zone climate control

    ·         Four zone climate control

    Car manufacturers dealt with the maintenance of auto air conditioning systems in vehicles. Auto electricians deal with maintenance and repairing of auto air conditioning systems.

    The role of an auto electrician and your car air conditioning system

    With the significant advancements in auto air-conditioning systems and the constant development of new and innovative systems, mobile auto electrician services are in demand more than ever.

    Mobile auto electricians offer 24/7 services and rapid response which is convenient and hassle free, especially in emergency situations.

    Electroworx Automotive is a Sydney based mobile automotive electrical service, which specialises in all things auto electrical. The company offers a full range of auto air conditioning services, along with experienced auto electrician technicians to perform the following on a 24/7 basis:

    • Diagnosis of vehicle air conditioning
    • Repairs and services on air conditioning systems
    • Identifying possible leaks within the air conditioning system
    • Air condition regas for all vehicles
    • Gas recovery

    Electroworx offers a full range of automotive electrical support within Sydney and is only a call away, so with support at your fingertips (literally), you will not have to deal with another automotive electrical issue alone again.

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