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    Heavy Equipment Servicing and Repair by Expert Auto Electricians That Care

    There is no doubt that heavy equipment and machinery are crucial in getting projects up and running, especially in the construction industry. No matter the type of machinery, it’s important to ensure that they are always in a stable and operable condition so that no work is put on hold or delayed. Although such machinery is known to be durable and heavy-duty, ensuring regular maintenance and servicing is necessary. 

    Tending to your machine is crucial in ensuring that they operate safely, to its full potential and for an extended period without any breakdowns or faults. The Electroworx team are experts in all things heavy machinery maintenance and servicing, meaning your machines are guaranteed to last longer and perform to their maximum abilities.  

    However, many individuals are unaware of the services provided by auto electricians, which can help maintain and sustain heavy equipment. That is where we can help.

    What does a heavy equipment technician do? 

    Auto electricians specialise in a range of services for heavy equipment, including the maintenance, repair and overhaul of heavy machinery. At Electroworx, our specialties and areas of expertise when it comes to heavy equipment include the following:

    Monitoring and servicing systems

    Regardless of whether or not your machinery is demonstrating clear faults, arranging frequent checkups and maintenance servicing is crucial in preventing future issues or breakdowns. A professional auto electrician can detect minor faults in heavy machinery systems and tend to them before the issue spreads and becomes a more significant concern. 

    By monitoring systems, an auto electrician can look out for signs of damage and any warning signals and replace parts before they reach their entire life span. This ensures your machines remain in adequate working condition and, therefore, not be at potential risk of breakdowns.

    Diagnosing problems and troubleshooting equipment

    An expert technician will come equipped with the necessary equipment to diagnose any issues experienced by heavy machinery and trace and correct any defects in the equipment’s electronic system. By running computer diagnostics on the machine, we will be able to detect the issue quickly and accurately, to which we will then provide you with effective resolutions and repairs if needed. 

    Running tests and completing reports

    Auto electricians are equipped with the technology and tools to run tests and complete reports on heavy machinery. Ensuring this is a regular procedure assures that your machine is operating correctly and performing to its full potential. Tests can point out any faults or areas of concern and allow the auto electrician to fix and tend to any problems so that your machine can continue in operation. 

    Upgrading and improving existing systems

    Systems are prone to break down over time and, therefore, require an upgrade or improvement to function correctly. Auto electricians are experienced in ensuring that safety systems of heavy equipment are upgraded and enhanced to operate efficiently and reliably. Ensuring all parts of your machinery are up to date effectively increases the safety on site and allows for the completion of projects in a quick and orderly way.

    Repairing and replacing defective parts and equipment

    If a problem or defect is discovered in your heavy machinery, our team is always well-equipped to carry the necessary tools for heavy equipment repair issues promptly. Whether experiencing a breakdown, failed emergency stop switch, problems with the alternators, starter motors, lightning, battery or air conditioning, Electroworx can help get your machinery back in action. 

    Electroworx offers the most advanced services for all heavy machinery including excavators, loaders, bulldozers, trenchers and many more. Our team is highly qualified and experienced in both repair and maintenance services, ensuring your machines are performing to their full potential to get the job done.

    Whether your heavy machinery is in need of repair, maintenance or just a regular check-up, the Electroworx team has got you covered with our expertise.

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    1300 824 692