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    How to care for your car’s air conditioning during winter

    As the temperature drops and the need for your car’s air conditioning system reduces, you’ll begin to use it less frequently or eventually stop altogether. One thing less to worry about, right? Not true, in fact, this is when you should be paying very close attention to the amount of care you pay to your air conditioning system. Most car owners completely forget about their automotive air conditioning for two months and then crank it back up again when the weather begins to warm up. Many times they’ll find that issues start to occur with their system; sometimes it may not even work at all! This is likely due to the fact that the quality of your air conditioning declined during its non-usage. Your air conditioning, like many other features in your car, was meant to run consistently and thus, can develop problems over time.

    How to care for your automotive air conditioning system during Sydney’s winter

    #1 Run defrost

    When the temperature outside is cold and the air inside the car is warm, moisture and mildew can begin to build in your car’s air conditioning system. In addition to damaging the system, this can also cause an extremely unpleasant and damp scent to permeate your car’s air. In order to avoid this, you need to prevent the air from becoming too humid and condensation from forming in the car’s system. Run your defrost mode for a few minutes every week. This will cause your AC compressor to run and prevent humidity and moisture from damaging your car. Don’t be alarmed if you see water leaking from your car, that’s just water being drained out from your system.

    #2 Let the air conditioning run every week

    Even if it’s cold outside, try to run your car’s air conditioning system for 10 minutes every week. Similarly to running defrost mode, it prevents moisture from building up in your car. When your windows fog up while driving, it’s usually because the air outside is significantly colder than the air inside your car, and thus, condensation builds up on your windows. Letting your air conditioning run prevents this condensation which can also impair your view through the car’s windscreen.  Additionally, it also helps to maintain the gas pressure which keeps the compressor in your car working properly.

    #3 Recharge your auto air conditioning system

    Every time you use your car, your refrigerant level decreases. If this level gets too low, your air conditioning will eventually start to blow warm air. You may not notice initially that this is a problem during winter which is why we recommend that you recharge your system. It avoids a sudden issue when it is time to use your air conditioning and prevents further damage to your car. Recharging your system with refrigerant is extremely easy, you just need to ensure that you use the correct brand of refrigerant for your car. However, if you are not confident, then take your car to a mechanic in order to get it checked and recharged.

    #4 Visit one of Sydney’s auto electrician’s for a full service!

    We always recommend that you service your car during winter. Many problems can occur over winter and without checking it, you can end up in a hot and uncomfortable situation with your car during summer. Visit Electroworx for a full inspection and service to ensure that your air conditioning system is well-maintained.

    Is there something wrong with my auto air conditioning system?

    Believe it or not, there are other warning signs and issues that can arise before your air conditioning system stops working. It’s best you know what they are before you incur more damage and more costly problems. Here are a few of the warning signs to look out for.

    • Leaking dashboard
    • ‘Wet-clothes’ smell in your car
    • Frequent stops in your air conditioning
    • Unusual noises
    • Sudden warm air

    If you experience any of the problems above or need a full air conditioning service, then head to Electroworx.

    At Electroworx, our team is skilled, respected and specialised on what they do. We will do our best to fix any of your auto air conditioning issues in a timely and efficient manner.  Our team prides ourselves on offering honest advice and exceptional workmanship and service.

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