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    Is it time for a truck service?

    If you notice yourself asking if it is time to get your truck serviced, it is most likely because it does.

    Tick, tock, the clock is ticking…

    Most heavy vehicle operators go months, sometimes years, without maintaining their trucks which can be a big problem if not in the short term, most certainly in the long run.

    On average trucks that travel long distances between each location on a regular basis should get their vehicle serviced approximately every 48,000 kilometres or once a year, whichever one comes first.

    The yearly truck service will examine the oil levels, filters and the auto electrician will run safety checks to ensure everything is running smoothly.

    This servicing allows the mechanic to inspect for any signs of wear and tear before they become a major, costly problem.

    Irrespective of the diagnosed health of your heavy vehicle, it is important to undergo frequent check-ups and services. A frequent inspection can maintain the vehicle and ensure safer, smoother operations of the vehicle.

    Things to do to avoid undergoing major truck repairs

    The best way to avoid costly repairs to your truck is to implement a regular schedule or regular truck service for check-ups.

    If maintenance is consistent, you will pass all RMS truck regulations and road checks.

    Regular inspections that are performed both professionally and at home are essential for both driver and on-road safety.

    There are certain things as a vehicle operator that you can do on a frequent basis, in between maintenance checks, that will prevent your truck from needing major costly repairs. Here is a short list of some of the things to looks out for between maintenance checks:

    1. Check for unusual signs: If there are any unusual signs such as flashing lights or unusual odours in the truck, be sure to perform a quick maintenance check. A flashing light usually means something is wrong and a quick inspection by an auto-electrician will determine whether you can fix the problem or if it needs extra attention.
    2. Change batteries: Naturally, the cold months throughout the year will wear out the battery usage of trucks especially if they are constantly on the road and operating. It is helpful to keep a spare in the vehicle or a charging pack. If this is frequently maintained, you can avoid major issues or a potential breakdown in the middle of nowhere.
    3. Change the fuel: Again, when speaking about truck maintenance in the winter, many things can go wrong, including the fuel used. Regular diesel fuel has inclusions that crystalise in certain temperatures, meaning if the temperature is too cold, it will freeze which can potentially pose a problem. To avoid this situation, change the diesel fuel of the truck to a blend with other alternatives that do not freeze.
    4. Regularly run cooling and heating: Frequently run the auto air conditioning system on both warm and cool air. By doing so, you will avoid the oversight of any blocked hoses or the radiator which may have reached its moment to be changed before the truck goes back out on the road.  
    5. Schedule regular maintenance checks: Through regular truck repairs you will prevent major defects or issues from occurring in the future. A regular maintenance check will inspect the truck’s brake system, wheel and steering alignment, as well as lights and other electrical functions. Putting together a recommended schedule for maintenance can ensure that your vehicle remains safe and functioning on the roads for longer. These regular inspections will also ensure maximum driver safety.
    6. Create a simple to-do list: This involves the drivers carrying out their own inspections during maintenance checks and specifically checking certain parts of the truck:

    ✓ Check oil and change (if necessary)

    ✓ Examine the fluids in the engine

    ✓ See if transmission fluids need to be changed

    ✓ Test brake and suspension levels

    ✓ Inspect all tyres to see if they have bolded or need pumping

    ✓ Monitor and let the air conditioning system run regularly

    Why service your truck with Electroworx mobile truck repairs?

    This one is a no brainer.

    Electroworx Mobile truck repair service means that our experienced auto electricians will come to your aid, no matter where you are, no matter when.

    Even better, if you are broken down in the middle of the night, call our 24/7 emergency auto service and we will come to your assistance with the tools to fix the problem and get you back on the road in no time.

    Our efficient and affordable emergency services will have your truck serviced quickly enough to get back to your daily business.

    Electroworx has been maintaining all types of vehicles across Sydney for over a decade providing flexible, fast and reliable services as well as saving clients the trouble of having to take the time out of their day to visit a workshop. Instead, we will come straight to you, wherever you are.  

    At Electroworx we understand how Australian companies rely heavily on trucks to transport goods and services across the country, this is why our team strives to provide effective ways to maintain your truck, with 24-hour service 7 days a week.

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