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Auto Air Conditioning

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    Is it time to recharge your vehicle’s auto air conditioning?

    With the harsh and temperamental Australian climate, it is essential that you consider the state of your vehicle’s heat and air conditioning system all year round, especially in the lead up to summer.

    With time and frequent use, auto air conditioning systems require regular maintenance and repairs to ensure they are in optimal condition.

    One of the major indicators of a worn out auto air conditioning system is a decrease in cooling efficiency. So, if you have noticed a change in your cars auto air conditioning cooling power, then it is time for your car to undergo heating and air conditioning repairs.

    Note to Sydney-siders: re-gassing is crucial when considering heating and air conditioning repairs

    Air conditioning re-gassing is a complex mechanical service that is performed by an experienced and licensed refrigerant technician or auto electrician.

    To put it simply, re-gassing your vehicle’s air conditioning involves removing old refrigerant gas from the air conditioning system and replacing it with new refrigerant.

    This process ensures that your auto air conditioning will run cold again and minimise any potential issues that may cause auto air conditioning failure.

    Why re-gassing is important:

    A maintained and looked after auto air conditioning system will ensure that you have a comfortable experience in your vehicle, allowing you to stay cool throughout summer, and warm during winter.

    Additionally, in winter the most effective way to demist your windows is to use the air conditioner and heater.

    For Sydney, this is all year round with the unpredictable weather.

    During an auto air conditioning re-gas, the technician will thoroughly inspect the major components of the air conditioning system to ensure that everything is functioning properly. Also, during a re-gas, the whole auto air conditioning system is cleaned as refrigerant gas may have become clogged up with dust, dirt and particles over time.

    This minimises the risk of potential issues such as leaks or refrigerant loss. Ultimately, keeping your vehicle well maintained, safe, and cool.

    How often should you get your vehicle re-gassed?

    Auto air conditioning, especially with time and frequent use, can become more susceptible to damage and potential failures. Any auto air conditioning system, whether it is an old vehicle or top-of-the-range, will experience on average 10% gas loss per year.

    To ensure that you are looking after and not neglecting your vehicles auto air conditioner, it is advised to get your auto air conditioning system re-gassed every 1-2 years, or immediately if you suspect or detect a problem.

    Typically, most vehicles should be re-gassed in the lead up to summer, as nobody wants to be left in the car on a sweltering hot summer day in Sydney.

    4 things to know about auto heating and air conditioning re-gassing:

    1. An auto air conditioning re-gas on average takes an hour or so, depending on the make and model of the vehicle.
    2. Your vehicle’s air conditioning system will be overall more effective when re-gassed as needed.
    3. As mentioned above, auto air conditioning systems lose on average 10% of gas on a yearly basis, meaning that each year your vehicle will produce less and less cold air.
    4. You can get your vehicle’s air conditioning system re-gassed at an automotive repair centre in Sydney, or by a mobile auto electrician.

    What are the warning signs the suggest you need a heating and air conditioning repairs?

    The most frequent warning signs that suggest your auto air conditioning system needs to be re-gassed is:

    • warm, stuffy air is blown from the air vents, even when the auto air conditioner is set to the coldest setting.
    • Air that is blown out from the air vents has a bad, musty smell.

    Although these symptoms could be a warning sign of other issues and faults within the auto air conditioning system, a re-gas should be the first solution explored. However, if you are unsure get in touch, with a heating and air conditioning repair technician for a diagnosis.

    5 tips to minimise the need for repairs for your vehicles auto heating and air conditioning system:

    1. Run your air conditioner every few days, even during winter. This is important in increasing the lifespan of your vehicles auto air conditioning system. The re-gassing process will allow gas to circulate through the vehicle, helping to keep the system in good condition. Whilst, also preventing the seals from leaking and drying up.
    2. Lower the rear windows in your vehicle a fraction for 2-3 minutes when you first turn the air conditioner on, this will allow any hot air to escape outside the vehicle. Ultimately, increasing the effectiveness of the air conditioner.
    3. Replace your vehicle’s air filter on a regular basis. This process maintains the quality of the air in the vehicle, ensuring that the air you inhale is clean and safe.
    4. Get your auto air conditioning system re-gassed every 1 -2 years.
    5. Don’t ignore any potential warning signs that may suggest your vehicle needs to be serviced or repaired.

    Now that you know all about auto air conditioning re-gassing and why it is essential, it is imperative that you maintain and look after your vehicles auto air conditioning system throughout Sydney’s winter months to ensure it is running smoothly in time for spring and the upcoming summer heat.

    Electroworx Automotive is a Sydney based mobile automotive electrical service, which specialises in all things auto electrical. The company offers a full range of automotive heating and air conditioning services, along with experienced auto electrician technicians to perform the following on a 24/7 basis:

    • Diagnosis of vehicle air conditioning
    • Repairs and services on air conditioning systems
    • Identifying possible leaks within the air conditioning system
    • Air conditioning regas for all vehicles
    • Re-gassing air conditioning systems

    There is no issue too small or large for Electroworx. Call us now on 1300 824 692 and learn more about optimising the automatic parts of your vehicle.


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