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    Preparing your car for sale requires an all-round repair and service – this includes your auto air conditioning system

    First impressions count. Whether you are going to be selling your car privately, at a dealer or an auction, your priority should be to try and maximise its value. With just a small amount of work and effort, you can add hundreds of dollars to your car’s price when you sell it. With so many different cars on the market, you are going to want to make sure your one stands out from the rest. According to official Australian Car Sales figures, there was a total of 1.062 million cars sold in 2019.

    Every buyer wants to receive the highest price possible for their car. How do you achieve this? You can do this by making your car as attractive as possible while minimising flaws. Now, this doesn’t just mean taking it for a quick car wash – it is also necessary to make sure all the mechanicals and paperwork are up to scratch. Taking your car to an auto electrician for overall service and auto air conditioning repair should be your first step.

    Depending on whether you are selling privately or through a dealer, the time and money you spend on your car may differ – as usually, a dealer has their resources to work on the car at a cheaper rate. So, sometimes there is no need to spend $250 on a detail when the dealer has access to this in house. On the contrary, when selling privately, the owner is usually going to want to see a shiny, clean and well-conditioned car. You don’t want to lose a sale. So what do you need to do? We’ve put together a go-to preparation checklist which outlines some of the main things you are going to need to attend to before you sell your car.

    • Servicing: automotive electrician

    Are your logbook and services up to date? Before putting your car on the market, it is necessary to ensure your services and logbook are up to date – as if the car has missed a service or is overdue, it will appear on the vehicle inspection report and may even reduce the asking price. Not having an accurate and up to date logbook can also make the potential buyers suspicious about what may be wrong with the car.

    • Worn tyres

    Have you checked the quality and safety of your tyres recently? Bald tyres are extremely dangerous and are the clearest sign of having a poorly kept car. Are your tyres worn out? Don’t fear. Replacing them is extremely easy and will also make your car easier to sell. Also, a quick tip when posting your ad – writing ‘new tyres’ in the description is a good selling point and can lure in potential buyers.

    • Repairs: auto air conditioning repair and more …

    Do you know of any repairs your car requires? If your car is making strange sounds, blowing smoke or letting out unpleasant smells, it may be time you took it for a repair at an automotive electrician. These faults can dramatically decrease the asking price of your car and should be dealt with immediately. An automotive electrician will be able to carry out your service including;

    • An auto air conditioning repair
    • Oil and oil filter service
    • Brake check
    • Windscreen wiper check
    • Air filter check
    • Steering and suspension

    Before you sell your car, you should take it for a minor service where the auto electrician can change and top up fluids as well as check other elements to ensure they are in working order. Although this may seem like a lot of money to spend, in most cases it is worth spending the money, unless the repair bill outweighs the value of your car.

    • Scratches and defects

    Little scratches and faults on your car can reduce the asking price for your car as the buyer is likely to factor the cost of repairs into their budget. Our tip is to fix it if it is worth it. If the scratches can be easily patched up, we recommend fixing them before you sell your car.

    • Maintenance: automotive electrician

    Once your car has been serviced by an auto electrician, make sure it is functioning effectively and efficiently. If your mechanic has not already done so, make sure you:

    • Pump your tyres
    • Make sure all your lights are working
    • Check your auto air conditioning system
    • Ensure the spare tyre is in good order


    Have you been avoiding cleaning your car? Now is the time to take action. Remove any excess rubbish or clutter from your car as a messy car suggests a neglected car. Ideally, we recommend a professional detail from both inside and out. This includes:

    • Deep carpet cleaning
    • Car waxed and polished
    • Car deodorised
    • Deep cleaning and vacuum


    Not only does your car have to look good on the outside, but you also need to make sure all the paperwork for your car is accessible. These include:

    • Registration papers
    • Logbook
    • REVS check (optional)

    Are you ready to sell your car? Book your auto air conditioning repair and overall service today with Electroworx. Our team promises the greatest level of service and tends to issues efficiently and effectively.

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