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    Say goodbye to truck service centres: Electroworx is your new mobile truck service

    Truck breakdown. Inconvenient. Costly. Timely. Stressful. Annoying. Unpleasant … The list does go on! As many truck drivers would know, a truck breakdown is a massive inconvenience causing time and money out of your already busy day.

    This is why it is in the best interest of a truck owner to schedule regular maintenance and service checks to avoid potential breakdowns and issues.

    Common truck issues that lead to breakdowns and require services include:

    • Tyre issues
    • Brake issues
    • Electrical issues
    • Issues with fuel systems
    • Issues with cooling systems
    • Poor maintenance and old age

    Tyre Issues:

    Tyres are considered the most important element of any vehicle, as they are what keep the vehicle moving and are in constant contact with the road. Trucks endure serious road-time which over time increases the wear and tear of the tyres.

    They can be dangerous when they are not properly cared for and serviced. Tyre issues are the leading cause of truck problems, accounting for 25% of all truck breakdowns.

    Common issues that may cause faults in tyres include:

    • Low tread depth which can make the tyre more susceptible to road damage such as holes and protrusions
    • Under-inflation which can cause excessive heat accumulation in the tyre’s sidewall

    Brake issues:
    Brakes are constantly exposed to strain and pressure, especially in commercial trucks that carry heavy loads. This can cause serious damage and issues to the brakes, such as:

    • Air Leaks
    • External corrosion and wear
    • Internal water contamination

    Any type of brake issue can reduce brake performance and increase the chances of an accident.

    Electrical issues and faults:

    Electrical issues most commonly occur within the most important parts of the vehicle; the motor, battery and the alternator. They can cause flat batteries, light issues, and engine problems.

    Fuel systems:

    Contaminated fuel in a truck is the most common fuel issue that has the potential to cause a breakdown. Contaminated fuel can cause the following symptoms:

    • Engine misfiring and backfiring
    • Engine lacking power and running rough
    • Problems with starting the engine

    Another common breakdown issue is running out of petrol due to faulty gauges.

    Cooling systems:

    Corrosion and poor connections in the engine of the truck are the most common cause of faults in the truck’s cooling system. Corrosion due to loss of coolant in the vehicle can cause the car engine to overheat, increasing the chances of a breakdown.

    Age and poor maintenance:

    Insufficient maintenance and lack of regular servicing is the main cause of issues in trucks and significantly increases the chances of a breakdown on the road.

    Trucks are complex and involve more technical and advanced systems than regular vehicles. Therefore, they require more attention and care which is why you should book your truck in for a service at a truck service centre or mobile truck service near you.

    The older the truck, the more susceptible it is to breakdowns, issues and faults. Although trucks are manufactured to endure harsh conditions and wear and tear, regular services are mandatory to ensure that the truck is in top-notch condition.

     Signs that your truck requires a service: a quick reference guide


    • The tread on the tyres should be approximately 2/32 inches and should never fall below this
    • Cracks in the sidewall of the tyre
    • Damage to the surface of the tyre, such as holes and bulges


    • Loud screeching noises coming from the brakes
    • Brake light warnings – when this light appears it signifies that the brakes need immediate attention
    • Changes in brake pedal pressure including; soft brake pedal, sensitive brake pedal, firm brake pedal

    Electrical systems:

    • Dead battery – truck won’t start
    • Dim or flickering lights
    • Brake lights not working
    • Corroded battery

    Fuel systems:

    • Engine backfiring
    • The engine won’t start
    • Lack of engine power
    • Decreased petrol mileage
    • Rising temperature

    Cooling systems:

    • Lack of engine power
    • Coolant leaking from the truck onto the ground
    • Low coolant levels

    Goodbye, service centres! Mobile truck services are now coming to you.

    Trucks are complex and demanding vehicles, therefore when it comes to servicing your truck it is essential you leave it to skilled service technicians who will perform a detailed and thorough service.

    More than often, truckies or heavy vehicle drivers Google “truck service centre near me.” Well, we can bid farewell to such. In a world driven by technology and convenience, mobile truck services are available.

    Flip the script a little… truck service centres (hypothetically speaking), can now come to you!

    Mobile auto electricians are now more qualified than ever and have ensured that trucks and heavy vehicles are no exception. With no compromise of service or quality, mobile auto electricians are able to service/repair trucks and heavy vehicles for most makes and models, in the convenience of your truck’s home.

    Mobile truck services can attend to:

    • Onsite truck repairs: this can include a general service or maintenance, and aims to ensure that your truck is back on the road as quickly as possible
    • Installation of new and used truck parts: this includes the replacement and installation of spare parts
    • Emergency repairs: available anywhere, at any time, this 24/7 service ensures that you are back on the road as quick as possible

    Electroworx is your saving grace. Providing mobile services across Sydney, our highly experienced team of auto electricians offer a broad range of efficient and reliable services.  

    Time is of the essence and we understand that. All matters are handled as urgent, and are completed as quickly as possible. We bring our expertise to you and are specialists in truck and heavy vehicle repairs and maintenance.

    Available 24/7, Electroworx is mobile servicing for trucks and is rapid in responding to any situation, whether it is a breakdown or simply a flat battery.

    Electroworx offers a wide range of automotive electrical support for trucks within Sydney so you can take comfort in knowing that 24/7 mobile truck support is only a phone call away. With endless support, you will never have to deal with, or at least stress over, another automotive electrical issue alone again.

    To find out more, call us on 1300 824 692.


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