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    Signs Your Earthmoving Machinery Needs an Auto Electrician

    But how do you know when to call an auto electrician for maintenance and heavy equipment repairs?

    There are various ways to notice if there is a problem in your vehicle and when it is in need of repair. It is important to look out for any signs out of the ordinary that may indicate your heavy equipment may require some sort of repair in order to prevent any potential further damage or electrical issues. Here are some things you can look out for that will require an auto electrician:

    • Breakdown or a struggle to start: An obvious sign to look for is a breakdown or a struggle to start. Heavy equipment can become prone to breakdowns for various reasons including human error due to lack of training, lack of maintenance and poorly maintained electrical connections which are known to be one of the significant factors attributed to machinery breakdowns. Like any type of heavy equipment, earthmoving machinery auto electricians is prone to break down from time to time and, once a machine is broken down it can significantly impact the flow of work as well as increase the risk of safety hazards. Having this issue assessed by an Electroworx’s team of auto electricians in a quick manner is crucial in ensuring that no further damage is caused that could result in more serious issues.
    • Electrical accessories not operating properly: Mishaps in machinery can include the electrical components of your heavy equipment such as the radio, lights, air conditioning and air filtration. When these electrical accessories fail to operate, they can potentially generate crucial safety hazards and as a result, heavy equipment will be required to cease action on the job site. In this case, our auto electricians can assess the situation and determine what part of the machine requires attention and repair, ensuring the equipment is stable and ready to get back on the job site in a safe manner.
    • Site specification fit-outs: This includes components such as battery isolators – which separates numerous batteries from each other to ensure that the earthmoving equipment has access to a backup power source. This component is important in ensuring that the equipment does not take power from several batteries simultaneously – which could result in the swift draining of all batteries causing the electrical system to fail.
    • Alternators: This is another component associated with site specification fit-outs. The alternator is a vital component as it provides energy for running and operating the electrical systems and keeping the battery fully charged, therefore having a direct effect on all the electrical components of the vehicles. In the case of an alternator failing to operate, various problems can arise such as dimming lights, battery draining and slowing in electrical accessories such as power seats and power windows due to the alternator no longer supplying electrical power.

    It is necessary to ensure that an auto electrician undertakes any site specification fit-outs such as that of battery isolators and alternators in order to repair and replace any necessary components required to help the machinery operate.

    Heavy equipment that is not sufficiently maintained will require repairs and the attention of our expert team.

    Whether there is a problem with your earthmoving machinery or not, upholding maintenance and ensuring checkups are made by specialist individuals – that is us – is vital.  After all, earthmoving machinery is the most significant attribute in the construction industry, being the main source to keeping the production flowing, therefore, if any problems with such equipment, the entire job site will be affected.

    Contact an auto electrician for any concerns you have for your earthmoving machinery.


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