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regular truck services

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    Understand the importance of regular truck services, maintenance and repair!

    Businesses all over Australia, of all sizes, rely on the trucking industry, to maintain fast delivery times and deliver products safely all over the state. Many people don’t realise the importance of this industry. Without truck drivers, we would not be able to receive the goods we need at our front door or our nearest retail shop.

    Nearly every single good you have has travelled on a truck at one point or another! From agricultural products to furniture, motor vehicles, wood, leathers and textiles.

    “Australia’s truck fleet travels around 12,505 million km and transports some 1,549 million tonnes of freight per year” – Australian Trucking Association

    This is why truck drivers need to maintain their trucks and ensure they have a scheduled truck service to ensure that their services are running smoothly and efficiently. Truck drivers are on the road for long hours, which requires their vehicle to be maintained and repaired regularly. Their trucks must be functioning correctly as they are relying on their vehicle to fulfil their job and keep the country running smoothly.

    When it comes to truck services and maintenance, you must remain organised and cover all bases! Truck drivers should organise inspections on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis, to guarantee their truck is functioning effectively. Implement a system that works well for you and stick to it. You don’t want to encounter the hassle of being left on the road, unable to transport your goods to retailers or other businesses.

    Why your truck may need to be serviced at a truck mechanic organisation in Sydney

    Some common problems that truck faces include:

    • Engine overheating: many truck drivers face issues of their engine overheating. This problem could be due to a blown gasket or a question related to the fuel tank. If these issues are not addressed, it could lead to engine problems overtime! If you are helping Western Sydney function, you must seek a mobile truck mechanic who will be able to review and discuss the signs of your overheating truck. This will prevent failure at a critical time, saving you the hassle and stress of a breakdown.
    • Starter failure: trucks can also fail to start, especially in colder seasons! It is recommended to review the starter mechanism of your truck to identify if there are any issues with the starter. Regular truck services will eliminate this issue.
    • Brake problems: many modern trucks experience issues with their braking system because of the more substantial pressure placed on brakes. Brake failure can also occur if trucks have not been maintained adequately. This is why it is important to schedule frequent visits to a truck service mechanic organisation in Sydney to prevent hazardous situations. Brakes are a crucial element of any vehicle, allowing you to stop whenever you like safely. This goes to prove how important it is to implement a comprehensive truck service for brake maintenance!
    • Underinflated tires: tire pressure is one of the most important safety considerations, preventing truck accidents. Specific tires require a different amount of inflation for safe usage. If your tires are incorrectly inflated, they could wear out quickly and unevenly, causing premature tire failure. This could, in turn, lead a driver to lose control of the vehicle and result in an accident. We recommend seeking a mobile truck service in Western Sydney to ensure your tires are at the correct pressure at all times!

    You must schedule truck services for your vehicle. However, these services are only the beginning of truck maintenance. Individuals, owners, drivers and manufacturers all work together to make sure each truck on the road is safe and legal to transport on the road. Planning and implementing regular services at a truck mechanic organisation in Sydney will prevent major expenses and accidents that come from letting trucks fall out of repair and help the vehicle last as long as you intended.

    At Electroworx, our team of professional mechanics provide the highest quality repairs for trucks and heavy vehicles. We understand the importance and urgency of tending to trucks, which is why we offer mobile service, allowing you to be back on the road in no time!

    Our services include but are not limited to:

    • Breakdown repairs
    • Fault finding
    • Battery replacement
    • Alternator repairs and replacement
    • Starter motors
    • Wiring repairs
    • Work lights

    Are you in need of an auto electrician for your truck? Contact us on 1300 824 692 for more information.


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