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    Why you may need to repair your auto air conditioning system because of dust and pollen

    Dust and pollen which are rampant in any city with a lot of trees and shrubs are a major cause of issues with auto air conditioning systems. While a few particles won’t harm anything, you should keep in mind that your vehicle has a limit. Dust and pollen won’t only affect your vehicle, but they may also harm the health of your passengers and you.

    My vehicle’s air conditioning system is located inside of my car, why would dust and pollen affect it?

    This is a common question that we get at Electroworx from many of our customers. Your air conditioning system draws air from outside of the car. This sucks in dust and other small particles like pollen and dust as well as tiny insects. These particles and insects can become lodged in your auto air conditioning system’s components and gradually reduce the effectiveness of the air conditioning system’s evaporator over time. In other vehicles (often, more modern ones) the air conditioning’s filter can become clogged and affect its operation.

    So, even though your system is not located on the exterior of your car, it uses air from the external environment, which creates the pathway for these particles and insects. One of the most common signs that this has happened is that the power of the air conditioning becomes significantly less powerful (due to the particles and insects blocking the flow).

    4 tips to minimise the effect of dust and pollen on your car’s air conditioning system

    Keep pollen and dust away from your car

    This may be an obvious tip, however, many people like to park their vehicles under trees for shade. While this is great for not overheating your car and causing the system to work harder, it also risks a lot of pollen being on the immediate exterior of the car.

    If this does happen to you, immediately rinse your vehicle off before starting the air conditioning system. If you’re not near a water supply, you can try wiping the pollen and debris that landed on the vehicle, however, this can potentially scratch its surface.

    Clean your car’s air conditioning filter (if you have one)

    Most new cars have air conditioning filters which, if left uncleaned for a prolonged period, can become clogged and non-functional. Ensure that you regularly remove the filter and clean it. Your vehicle’s owner’s manual should give instructions as to where it is located and how to clean it.

    Keep the interior of your car clean

    The dust on the interior of your car is just as harmful as the dust on the exterior. Ensure that you regularly clean the inside of your car as letting dust sit and mix with extra moisture in the air can result in the formulation of mould. Mould as most people know can cause severe health issues.

    If you leave dust particles, this will be sucked in and filtered by the air conditioning system. While this is good, if the car and the filter are not cleaned, the air will be recycled and you will eventually have a system that blows dust particles around your car.

    Set your air conditioning system on recycle

    When driving in particularly dusty and heavily polluted areas, we recommend winding your windows up and putting on your auto air conditioning system on recycle. This will ensure that air from the outside is not drawn into the system, thereby minimising pollution in your air.

    Bonus! Carry your vehicle to Electroworx for an auto air conditioning service. Our team will ensure that your filters are cleaned and that your system is in optimal condition.

    Our services go beyond the repair and service of your auto air conditioning system. They include repairing cars, trucks and providing 24/7 diagnostic car recovery for your breakdown. We consider ourselves the best in Sydney and work tirelessly to provide you with what you deserve.

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