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    How do you avoid needing a diesel truck repair?

    The life and performance of your diesel truck depend largely on whether or not you properly maintain it. Diesel trucks usually need repair if the user does not know how to properly operate the vehicle or if the owner has not maintained it during his/her lifetime. While maintenance comes with a price tag, the rewards for you and your company are completely worth it. Often, repairs and replacements are much more costly than a simple maintenance service by your diesel truck repair company, so we always recommend that you invest in maintenance to avoid replacements.

    Benefits of maintaining your diesel truck

    There are many reasons why you should maintain your diesel truck. Of course, most of these reasons lead back to saving money, however, there are other benefits that you and your company can gain.

    • Your diesel truck will not break down as much, giving you and your employees more security when on the road.
    • Your employees will be safer when using the truck.
    • Your diesel truck will not require untimely and costly replacement parts.
    • Your truck will perform at maximum power.
    • Your truck’s lifetime will extend.
    • You will never have to worry about adhering to safety standards.

    With all of these benefits, we bet you’re wondering, ‘What can I do to avoid a diesel truck repair?’. Good news, you can do a few things! Diesel trucks do not have distributors or spark plugs and therefore, do not require tune-ups however, for optimal performance, regular maintenance is still required.

    Here’s our list for how you can avoid needing a diesel truck repair.

    Keep the engine clean

    This point is especially important for companies who commonly use diesel trucks on long journeys. Diesel trucks that travel a lot tend to build up a lot of grime, dirt and debris throughout the engine. It’s no surprise that this can affect the efficiency of your diesel engine. The inner workings of your diesel truck can get damaged by this build-up of dirt (this can cause costly repairs), so ensure that part of your maintenance service includes a cleaning of the engine.

    At Electroworx, we don’t only clean your engine, we also ensure that your fuel, fuel filters, fuel injectors, fuel injection systems and fuel tank is clean as this can affect your fuel economy and performance.

    Swap out the filters

    One of the critical components of a diesel truck’s performance is its filters. The structure, performance, age and cleanliness of filters should continuously be monitored. Instead of changing your filter based on age, try changing it based on distance as this is a more accurate indicator of its functionality and power (age can deteriorate a filter). As a general rule, change the filter every 20,000 kilometres.

    Electroworx will also ensure that your air filters are maintained.

    Change the oil

    Changing a vehicle’s oil is necessary for both gasoline and diesel engines. It is crucial to its health and performance. Always try to change your oil based on the type of work your truck is doing rather than just by distance (recommended is 8000 kilometres) or length of time. More rigorous and harder driving and towing will require more frequent changes as the oil will break down more quickly. Ensure that the filter is changed every time and that you use the correct type of oil (it’s always a good idea to check the owner’s manual of the vehicle).

    Monitor and repair the exhaust system

    The exhaust system does not only impact your truck’s performance, but it also affects the environment! One must always ensure that the exhaust is clean and operational. Dirty exhaust systems can occur in trucks that frequent highways and roads as it picks up debris. If this debris is left in your exhaust, it won’t only cost you money to repair, but it’ll also cost you time as it can take a while to repair. Always ensure that you are monitoring your exhaust system. In addition to debris, look out for rusting and leaks. As soon as you notice a minor issue, contact your diesel mobile truck repair mechanic.

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