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    4 Maintenance tips for your diesel truck to avoid costly repairs!

    Why is regular maintenance and repair for your diesel truck important?

    In order to extend the life and performance of your diesel vehicle, you must look after it and ensure you implement a regular maintenance routine. Regular maintenance and diesel truck repair are critical to the health of the truck and the safety of those operating. If you are continuously using a diesel vehicle without a truck and trailer repair service, it could be quite dangerous.

    We do not recommend carrying out diesel truck maintenance yourself – especially if you have a fleet of diesel trucks that you are using for your business. A diesel truck and trailer repair service will ensure that your vehicle continues to run at optimal performance as well as within safety standards.

    Regular diesel truck and heavy vehicle repair/maintenance services in Sydney can cost time and money. However, implementing a regular maintenance routine will prevent costly repair issues and breakdowns.

    Do you want to prolong the life and performance of your diesel truck? Keep the following tips in mind!

    Keep the engine clean

    If you drive your diesel truck regularly, you will notice that the engine will gather up a lot of fo dirt and grime. Keeping your truck’s engine clean is crucial – this will help your truck running more efficiently and lessen the chance of a breakdown. A diesel truck’s components will get damaged by dirt and grime buildup, therefore it is important that a part of your scheduled diesel truck and heavy vehicle repair service focuses on cleaning the engine.

    A clean tank of diesel fuel is also beneficial for your truck – resulting in good fuel economy and higher performance. Take your diesel truck and heavy vehicles to a repair service centre in Sydney regularly and have the mechanics regularly clean your engine!

    Remember to change the filters

    The integrity, age and cleanliness of the filters of your diesel vehicle should be monitored regularly. Diesel truck repair mechanics recommend changing them every 20 000 kilometres. Newer diesel engines sometimes contain two fuel filters – it is important to change both at the same time no matter what so your truck can run efficiently.

    Change the oil

    Changing the oil of your diesel truck is also crucial for the health and efficiency of the engine. This should be done every 8000 kilometres, however, it is a good idea to base your decision to change the oil on the type of work you’re using your diesel truck for. If you are using your truck for towing and harder driving, you may require more frequent oil changes.

    Check and fix the exhaust system

    The exhaust system of your diesel truck is not only important for the health of your diesel truck but is also critical for the health of the environment. Don’t wait until the exhaust system is giving you problems before checking it. Monitor the exhaust system as a part of your scheduled diesel truck and trailer repair/maintenance service.

    How often should you book a diesel mechanic?

    If you drive a diesel vehicle it is important that you have it serviced by a diesel mechanic repair. Similar to petrol vehicles, diesel vehicles should be serviced every 6 months or 10, 000km – whichever usually comes first. By keeping ahead of your servicing and ensuring you implement regular diesel truck repairs and services, you’ll ensure your commercial fleet is well maintained and less likely to experience an unexpected breakdown on the side of the road.

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