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    Breaking the myth: Auto Electricians in Sydney available 24/7

    Let’s face it; cars can have a mind of their own. They don’t adhere to work days, work weeks or overtime. They work until they don’t and can break down at any time. Whether your vehicle breaks down, day or night, our auto electricians are here to help, 24/7. 

    Auto electricians specialise in troubleshooting and fixing issues with the use of diagnostic testing equipment, which helps recognise any defects quickly and efficiently. They are also experts in knowing how to effectively and adequately install and restore any electrical elements required to get your car moving again. 

    Our expert auto electricians at Electroworx specialise in all types of electrical defects and install electrical components in vehicles ranging from cars, trucks and earthmoving equipment. 

    When to call an auto-electrician


    Modern cars operate on auto-electrical systems, meaning they are more prone to various defects that can be categorised as auto-electrical. 

    Our Sydney auto electricians can address any electrical faults, no matter the make or model of the car. Whether the car needs diagnostics and wiring, experiencing issues with any element of the main electrical system (including the starter, alternator or the battery), faults with electrical components and accessories (such as power windows, headlights, airbags, anti-lock braking system (ABS), windshield wipers, etc.), our team can assist you. 

    Car breakdowns and faults can disrupt anyone at any time of the day. With guaranteed efficient and quick assistance, we ensure our services provide a solution to any issue, getting you back on the road and on with your day with minimal delay.



    Trucks are always on the go. Whether it’s transporting goods or delivering equipment and machinery to job sites, their mobility is important in ensuring their requirements are fulfilled within given timeframes. We are aware of the importance of trucks and their services in Sydney and therefore have catered our times to be able to provide flexible and convenient services for all trucks and heavy machinery needs 24 hours a day.

    Our Sydney auto electricians specialise in a wide range of services dealing with trucks and heavy machinery. In the circumstances of fault-finding in your trucks, in need of breakdown repairs, battery replacements, alternator repairs and replacements, wiring repairs, air conditioning repairs, faults with starter motors or defects in the electrical accessories of your trucks, (such as trailer lights, work lights or revolving lights), Electroworx Automotive has got you covered. 


    Earthmoving equipment:

    Earthmoving machinery and equipment are pivotal for construction jobs. Regardless of the type of machine, whether an excavator, bulldozer, loader or more, the breakdown or defect of these machines can hinder the completion of a job. Construction sites operate at varying times depending on the job; whether it’s early in the morning, during the day or late at night, the need for earthmoving equipment is fundamental in ensuring that operations move in a swift and effective manner.

    Such machines can often become damaged in the case of a circuit breakdown or overload and will require immediate attention and repair in order to deter any further damage. Additional problems to look for in earthmoving equipment include breakdowns and struggles to start, electrical components and accessories (such as radios, lights, air conditioning and air filtration) not operating properly, faults in components such as battery isolators and also defects in the machines alternator, which is a vital component in providing energy for running and operating the electrical system and keeping the battery charged. 

    In the case of any breakdowns or defects with your earthmoving machinery or needing an electrical component installation, it’s important to uphold maintenance and regular checkups, which can be done by our experts. Regardless of the time, our earthmoving auto electricians are here to help, 24/7. 

    Regardless of the auto electric vehicle, our unique services are recommended to solve any auto electrical issue, whether it’s in your car, truck, heavy equipment or earthmoving machinery. Electroworx Automotive can address any issues in a flexible, quick, trusted and dependable manner.  

    Regardless of the auto electrical vehicle, our unique services are recommended to solve any auto electrical issue whether it’s in your car, truck, heavy equipment or earthmoving machinery. Electroworx can address any issues in a flexible, quick, trusted and dependable manner.  


    If any of your auto electrical vehicles require repairs, our team can help. To make a booking, call us on 1300 824 692.

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