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Diesel Truck Repair: Manual or automatic transmissions?

How to maintain through frequent truck repair and servicing

Diesel truck transmissions can vary from model to model with either manual or automatic options. More companies are choosing automatic transmission for their drivers but what exactly does this involve? Because of their complexity and increased number of moving parts, automatic transmissions often require more labour, as opposed to manual transmissions which are much simpler in design. For this reason, it is essential to ensure a trusted and reliable diesel truck repair provider is at hand.

Here are a few tips to maintain diesel truck that use automatic transmissions:

  • Regularly check the oil

In order to keep the engine running smoothly, regular oil checks are essential. As a general rule of thumb, an oil change should occur every 8000 kilometres or so. This may vary depending on distance travelled and truck use. For example, engines experiencing harder driving and towing may need an oil change before the 8,000 kilometres mark.

  • Periodically check and clean the engine

Things like lingering dirt and grime can compromise your engines cleanliness. The performance of the vehicle and road life can both be affected when dirt remains and builds up.  Be sure to give the engine a regular clean out to avoid any of these unnecessary formations. In addition, the fuel also needs to be clean. Clean diesel fuel is necessary for making the most of fuel economy as well as achieving maximum performance rates. Sometimes keeping an engine clean can be tedious, but it will save you thousands of dollars in truck repairs. The more often you clean and maintain the engine, the longer it will last.

  • Modify your shifting techniques

In few instances, problems may be the result of incorrect or excessive shifting techniques. This problem can be reduced with experience and technique modification. In addition, if you fail to shift to the correct gear, or are prone to grinding the gears, it could lead to costly repairs. Be sure to manoeuvre gears smoothly to avoid any damage to the transmission.

  • Service the diesel truck frequently

Servicing your diesel truck regularly will prolong life and enhance the performance of your truck. Constant use of the vehicle without proper maintenance can be hazardous. Regular diesel truck maintenance isn’t hard, particularly with Electroworx 24/7 auto electrical mobile truck repairs service. The importance of regularly servicing will also save on spending the big bucks in the case a big problem does occur.

To find out more about diesel truck repair or frequent service, contact the team at Electroworx – servicing Sydney metropolitan with professionalism, efficiency and the highest quality of care.

Earthmoving Equipment: The Importance of Servicing

Do you work in construction, operate heavy machinery on a daily basis or own a company that uses earthmoving equipment constantly? If so, you’ll need to maintain these machines regularly and that’s where Electroworx can step in and help.

Electorworx have been servicing the automobile, earthmoving and heavy machinery sector across Sydney for over ten years and have vast experience in servicing earthmoving equipment such as excavators.

It’s always important to keep machinery such as excavators in good condition through regular maintenance to comply with industry regulations, fulfil their purpose and above all, ensure safe and secure operations. Systematic preservation means you can be saving both time and money in the long run. Constant servicing can help you avoid machinery replacement which can not only put a hold on projects affecting clients, but could end up costing you a lot more financially.

Preventative equipment preservation is essential in prolonging your excavators lifespan and can ultimately save you time and money. While you may think that it’s unnecessary to be spending on maintenance costs here and there, it might hit hard one day and something goes wrong leaving you with hefty repairs costs or worse, replacement costs.

If you notice small problems here and there but continue to ignore them without constant check ups, you’ll be feeding a bigger problem which could be brewing with lack of maintenance. It’s always important to increase productivity by looking after heavy machinery as much as possible. Here at Electroworx we trust in the importance of machinery maintenance for your benefit above all.

Electorowox is qualified in providing maintenance for earthmoving equipment, such as:

  • Frequent servicing and upkeep
  • Breakdowns and emergency repairs
  • Mechanical repairs – clutch, brakes, electrical faults

The best part of our unrivalled services for heavy machinery is the fact that you don’t need to travel anywhere. Leaving your site is a thing of the past with our mobile auto-electrical service, we’ll come to you and service your equipment without requiring you to move off site. This will save both time and effort, especially with the operation of the heavy machinery which can be difficult to move around.

Our customers rely on our team of experts to fix any issues or period maintenance at a competitive price, who also have extensive knowledge in servicing heavy machinery, advanced services and much flexibility.

To find out more about about outstanding service on-site, contact the Electroworx team on 1300 824 692.

Mobile Auto Electrical Services

When looking for mobile auto electrical services in Sydney, it is important to consider services that are:

  1. Quick
  2. Qualified
  3. Experienced

When deciding the best mobile auto electrical service, it is essential to ensure that they are licensed and qualified to provide a full diagnosis of electrical work for both interior and exterior functions. Services that have service guarantees, competitive pricing and the capacity to tend to any vehicle or model are also important factors to consider. Some services provide 24 hour care ensuring they can resolve emergency car complications at any time.

Possible Auto Electrical Service Issues:

  • ABS Light is on
  • AC is not working
  • Airbag Light is on
  • Air is not coming out of vents
  • Battery draining overnight
  • Battery Light is on
  • Blinker not working
  • Brake Warning Light is on
  • Brake light is not working
  • Car does not shift from park to drive
  • Car is not starting
  • Car is overheating
  • Car stays running when I shut the key off
  • Check Engine Light is on

Why ElectroWorx?

ElectoWorx has been providing second to none service to customers for over 10 years. With high levels of customer service in the auto industry, our employees here at ElectroWorx have extensive knowledge and expertise of the industry. This includes all electro services for all makes and models of vehicles. Our mobile services give us a competitive lead, as we can appreciate the significance of being efficient and prompt in our business services.

As a local auto electrician, our mobile responses allow us to be swift and speedy in our response time. Prior to the service, we set out to conduct an important audit to not only tackle the electrical issues we are aware of, but to uncover any issues that could be prevented.

With our many years in the industry we have built strong relationships with industry professionals, meaning we can easily and strategically source any required parts for your vehicle if needed.

If you are experiencing mobile auto electrical issues, our team of professionals will advise you on the safest and most effective course of action. To make a booking, call us on 1300 824 692 or fill out the online enquiry form.

Why you need a mobile auto electrician?

Mobile auto electricians are certainly the way to go, especially nowadays where everybody is busy, and no one has the time to take their car to a service garage. Mobile auto electricians provide high quality service, without you having to move one step. You no longer have to change your daily schedule worrying about when to take the car to the electrician. To add to that, it could even be a cost cutting process. Mobile electricians carry all their tools with them without the need of a garage/service centre eliminating rental costs and other expenses. This cuts down their costs as well as yours!

Gone are the days where you could possibly fix minor electrical issues by yourself. The way in which cars are made today are more complex and require specialists in order to rectify the issue to a high standard. If you want to go ahead and repair the problem, it may not be the wisest idea. You may ruin the car, as the electrical and wiring systems nowadays are intricate and hard to get around. The right skills, tools and diagnosis is important to get your car back on track and onto the roads. Of course your car will decide to develop a problem at the worst time. This is where mobile auto electricians come into place. They are your top choice to save you from all your frustrations in a timely manner.

Some problems you may experience that these specialists can help with, include:

Your car not starting

o This may because of a flat battery or a problem with the alternator.
– Instrument problems
o These issues include anything from your petrol indicator not working to the speed
odometer showing a false speed.

 Keyless entry issues

o The annoying problem of your remote not opening and locking your car. Luckily,
your mobile auto electrician can fix the issue easily and quickly, giving back your
keys in no time.

– Anything else …
o If the windows, lights or mirrors are not functioning, the right person to call would
be a mobile auto electrician!

Just about any of these require a specialist to resolve the issue. If you have a good mobile auto electrician, you will never go through the hassle of wasting time again. They will sort out all your problems to your convenience!
Auto electricians with the required tools and equipment are highly sort after. This is because the use of latest technology and tools allows the electrician to carry out jobs at a high level of perfection. Quality assured electricians are important so they can provide knowledge and expertise, as well as offer a long lasting solution to all your car issues.
These new technologies and systems, require a high level of quality workmanship to ensure safety and efficiency for the future. It is important that great care is taken when hiring an auto electrician, so they can not only provide you with good services, but guarantees for the service.

Continual Car Care

Just like continual health check ups are crucial for our overall health, so too is continual car care. What we mean by this is maintaining your vehicle by constantly checking for water refill, oil change or bold tyres. What you might not be able to do is check for electrical faults when your car just won’t turn on and you’re in the middle of nowhere!That’s where we step in. Here at Electroworx we can help with any auto-electrical issues your vehicle may be experiencing. The perfect part of this, is we’ll be at your service in no time, no matter where you are or what time of day, thanks to our 24/7 emergency service.

3 things to look for when you’re in need of an auto electrician:
1. Efficiency
Breakdowns can be great disruptions, especially if you rely on your vehicle to get to work or run daily errands. As a part of regular or emergency auto electrical services, it is important providers are quick to respond, are efficient in their work and reliable from the initial point of contact to the completion of the service. At Electroworx we respond to breakdowns quickly and efficiently – we want you to have the best experience and get you on the road as quickly as possible. We know how frustrating it can be sending your car in for service and having to wait till it’s been fixed. We know time is of essence so we come to you no matter where you are to save you time.

2.  Affordability
Another thing to look out for is affordability. You don’t want to be overcharged for a service that you know shouldn’t cost so much, especially if you regularly maintain your car or take it for servicing every so often. It always helps when the provider doesn’t overcharge you for a simple service, because not only will it save you money now, but in the future. Regular check ups will prevent a big issue down the track if vehicles are continually cared for and therefore, save you a whole lot.

3. Reliability
So we’ve spoken about, efficiency and affordability but above all we want reliability. You can have the two qualities but without reliability they become redundant. Part of being reliable service providers is checking for not only the issue at hand but also preventing issues from occurring down the track. Providing long term not short term fixes. This involves running a vehicle diagnosis, which gives drivers a comprehensive and thorough examination of any possible malfunctions. In addition, this is a cost-effective approach to detect the issue before it occurs to avoid any hefty expenses.

So it’s important to give your car the care it needs with the help of efficient, affordable and reliable experts. As shown in the above, engaging auto electrical services through qualified, experienced and professional providers is necessary. At Electroworx, we provide mobile auto electrical services, mobile electrical repairs, mobile breakdown services and auto air conditioning. Book your next service here.

What Are The Most Common Issues That Require a Car Electrical Repair

As technology progresses and is integrated into our vehicles, the electrical systems in our cars are becoming more intricate and complex. Of all the components, electrical issues are one of the hardest to diagnose as some issues may not be obvious and go undetected for some time. With that in mind, it is important to be aware of the possible issues you may have with your car to know when a car electrical repair service is needed.

Here are four of the most common car electrical repair issues:

Dead Battery



A dead battery is one of the most common issues that require a car electrical repair. A flat engine is usually the first clue of an electrical issue. A great way to check if it is an issue with the battery is to try and turn on the headlights. If the headlights do not work or appear very dim, it is most likely a battery issue. Car electrical repair of the battery can be as simple as replacing the battery and checking the battery cables for corrosion.

Dim headlights

If your headlights are dim and it is not a battery issue, it may be an issue with the alternator or the voltage regulator. If the voltage of a vehicle drops below a level, it may cause the vehicle to stop running. A loose alternator belt can prevent your alternator from running efficiently. A damaged or broken alternator impacts the car’s function to charge the battery while the car is running.

Issues with the starter

This is one of easiest problems to diagnose and occurs when you do not hear the click noise when you attempt to start the engine. This means that the starter cannot get enough current flow. Issues with starter usually occur with older vehicles with higher mileage. A car electrical repair service can fix this issue by repairing or replacing the starter.


If a car is experiencing an electrical issue, it may be an issue with the fuse. Fuses can overheat, melt or even blow. Blown fuses are a result of the wiring drawing in an excess of current. Reasons for a blown fuse include fixing the car with a fuse that is higher than the required amperage.

The complicated nature of a car electrical repair  requires the use of a professional to properly diagnose the issue at hand. Electroworx provide a full scope of electrical work for vehicles of all models and makes. Contact us for your next diagnosis. 

All About Auto Air Conditioning

Auto air conditioning is a vital component in our vehicles especially during those summer scorcher’s or unbearingly cold winter mornings. Functioning auto air conditioning is important in every vehicle, regardless of the make or model. At Electroworx, our full scope of work includes air conditioning services. An experienced technician is on board to handle all auto air conditioning malfunctions, fittings, and general repairs.

A good auto electrician will ensure that all line of work and the services that are carried out, meet high levels of environmental standards. Through practices such as decommissioning, the aim is to reduce carbon footprints and subsequently the impact on the atmosphere and adopt a sustainable approach.

Being fully licensed and highly experienced, good auto air conditioning technicians should be able to perform the following:

  • Diagnosis of vehicle air condition to locate the fault
  • Identifying possible leaks within the air conditioning system
  • Air condition re-gas for all vehicles
  • Repairs and services on air conditioning systems
  • Gas recovery involving decommissioning gas
  • Retro-fitting of vehicle air conditioning systems

How often should you get your car’s auto air conditioning inspected?

In reality there’s no set time to get your auto air conditioning inspected from when you purchase your vehicle. It’s really based on whenever you feel that your air condition isn’t performing to its full potential and isn’t perhaps cooling as much or fast enough.  You may want to ask yourself, how the air is feeling in your ride, or are you refreshed and cooled with full air flow when your air condition is pumping? If you don’t seem satisfied with the level of cooling your air condition pumps out or the quality is poor then it might be time to get it inspected.

An inspection is just a routine check up for experienced auto air condition electricians, so there’s no need to worry. Experienced professionals will be able to identify what the issue is and won’t set you back a ridiculous amount either. You’ll find yourself on your way out and enjoying summer like cool cats, in no time at all.  

What is auto air conditioning system recharge?

A system recharge is basically when you get a professional to have a look at the air condition and have it recharged and back to its full potential. It’s only necessary however, if you begin to notice that the breeze isn’t exuding cool enough temperatures or just isn’t as powerful as you may remember.

In a single vehicles lifetime, it is possible for the air conditioning system to never fail or need a recharge, so long as it is super well maintained, however even still, the likelihood of this happening are almost slim to none.

If you start noticing your auto air conditioning isn’t reaching those refreshingly cool temperatures especially in these warmer months, it may be time to get your system inspected and recharged.

Low refrigerant may be the cause which will prevent your air conditioner from operating properly. This is actually one of the most common problems for an auto air conditioning system not to blow out cold air. There are a number of reasons as to why your car may be low on refrigerant such as leaks and failed components. If you think this might be the case contact a trained professional at Electroworx to conduct an auto air conditioning performance check and get to the root of the problem. You’ll find yourself back on track in no time but, be sure to check your system as soon as you notice something wrong and don’t leave it before it becomes too late!

Book your next appointment here.

How Can Auto Electrical Services be Used All Year Round?

Auto electrical services are those which tend to the repair and maintenance of the auto electrical system in a vehicle. This may be a locally made car, an imported truck, or an earthmoving machine. Whatever the form, every vehicle requires the use of trusty and reliable auto electrical services. A vehicle is essential to the day-to-day operations of individuals and businesses and therefore by frequently maintaining them to prevent future issues or requesting to repair the issue as soon as it occurs, you extend the longevity of the vehicle. In this, you reap the rewards of maximising the potential of the vehicle, using it for its full use and its intended lifecycle.

All Year Auto Electrical Services

Auto electrical services are important throughout the entire year. As opposed to just requiring your air conditioning to function by emitting cold air in Summer of warm air in Winter, there are various other purposes.

Engaging auto electrical services is important to:

  • Have a mobile service readily available

Sometimes issues with vehicles of breakdowns can occur at inconvenient times, in inconvenient places, or be unable to be handled unless by a professional. A mobile auto electrical service will ensure that a professional comes to you, instead of waiting or going out of your way to take your vehicle to the nearest auto electrical provider. Mobile services allow for swift and speedy responses and a quick service, wherever you are. This can range from starter motors and vehicle lighting to power windows and batteries.

  • Repair a vehicle or piece of equipment as needed

Mobile auto electric repairs allow for an entire vehicle diagnosis to detect the cause of any problems and rapidly repair. By mobile auto electrician services providing the full scope of electrical work for vehicles of any make or model, technicians can restore the vehicle to its original condition to the best of their ability. At times, this may occur when least expected, such as an excavator on a construction site, and therefore by having an auto electrical service on hand all year round, interruptions and disturbances are kept to a minimum.

  • Respond to breakdowns efficiently

Breakdowns can happy any time, any day and for various reasons. Breakdowns can be great disruptions, especially if vehicles are heavily reliant on for work, lifestyle, or everyday use. As part of daily or emergency auto electrical services, it is important providers are quick to respond, efficient in their work and reliable from initial point of contact to the completion of the service. Through the response of qualified and experienced personnel and being equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to diagnose the cause of any breakdown works to provide a quick repair and prevent future occurrences as such as best as possible.

  • Prevent issues from occurring

One of the most vital factors about engaging an auto electrical service for maintenance, routine checks and vehicle diagnosis is that they are able to detect any issues that could potentially escalate or eventuate into larger issues. A vehicle diagnosis gives drivers and machine operators peace of mind, a comprehensive and thorough examination and the identification of any possible malfunctions. In addition, this can also be cost-effective as the approach to detect the issue before it occurs can avoid hefty expenses that may occur after the fact. As such, routine and maintenance checks are essential.

As shown in the above, engaging auto electrical services through qualified, experienced and professional providers is necessary throughout the year. At Electroworx, we gladly provide mobile auto electrical services, mobile electrical repairs, mobile breakdown services and auto air conditioning. Book your next service here.