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    Signs That Show Your Vehicle May Require an Automotive Air Conditioning Repair

    When we book our cars in for a service, we normally overlook the maintenance of the air conditioning system however regular checks can guarantee the smooth running of the system as many issues develop over time. By being aware of, and addressing, these issues quickly, you may prevent urgent repairs that are costly and time-consuming.  

    How does air conditioning in cars work?

    A car air conditioning system works to cool, purify and circulate the air inside the vehicle for an enjoyable environment. Air conditioning systems have two main purposes:

    1. Cool the air entering the passenger compartment
    2. Remove moisture from the air

    This system works in a continuous loop using the principles of evaporation and condensation. The refrigerant is used to extract heat from the vehicle and carry it outside leaving cool air inside.

    4 main issues that require automotive air conditioning repair:

    Weak airflow

    Possible causes for reduced airflow is that a hose may have come loose, the ventilation fan may be broken and therefore not blowing air strongly or a buildup of mildew may cause the air unable to reach the air vents.


    Leakages are one of the most common issues that require automotive air conditioning repair. A defect with the compressor is usually the main reason for leaks however age and moisture can also play a part. The breakdown of rubber seals and hoses over time can allow moisture to enter into the system. These seals and hoses can be replaced if needed.

    Off Odours

    If pungent odours are coming from your system, it may indicate bacteria, fungi or micro-organisms that have developed. Damp and dark areas are the perfect breeding ground for these germs which if left untreated, will continue to develop and may cause sickness. Automotive air conditioning repair services can inspect and flush out these germs to ensure a safe and clean environment in your vehicle.


    The condenser is responsible for the high pressure cooling of the air conditioning system. Accumulation of dirt and debris can restrict the airflow of cool air. Clogged condensers can be flushed out or replaced.

    With over a decade of experience, Electroworx Automotive specialises in all things auto electrical including automotive air conditioning repair. Electroworx has experienced technicians to handle all air conditioning malfunctions, fittings and repairs.

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